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   Chapter 279 Apologize To My Wife And Fuck Off

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Hiram was holding Rachel in his arms when he sneered at the man. He walked towards the nearby swing from the bathroom and then carefully put Rachel on it. He was extra cautious when he took off her shoes and began rubbing her ankle.

"Do you feel pain here?"

Rachel blinked and quickly decided to sustain the full act. She pretended to wince in pain and said,"Yes, it hurts here."

"Mr. Rong!" Tam shouted out loud from Hiram's back as soon as he followed them to the swing. Nervousness was all over his image as he bent himself

It was then that Hiram turned to him impatiently and coldly spoke up. "Tam, right? I think we can call off our cooperation."

"But Mr. Rong, this is… this is…" Tam was so scared that he quickly squatted before Hiram. "Please don't call our cooperation off. Our proposal is really good. Please have a look at it. Please!"

"This is the last time that I'm telling you this. Don't make me say it again. Apologize to my wife and fuck off."

Hiram's cold voice made Tam feel like he was in the middle of a winter storm. On the contrary, Hiram's gentle hand which was rubbing Rachel's ankle made her feel like it was spring.

Tam was confused. He squatted there for a while as he wondered about what was happening, scratching his head. 'What... What did Hiram just say?' he thought, feeling very embarrassed.

He was still spacing out when Sylvia walked towards him and whispered in his ear,"I wanted to tell you just now but you didn't let me talk. Rachel told me that she was waiting for her husband and then Mr. Rong came out."

It was a no-brainer. No one else came out from the bathroom just now but Hiram. Therefore, he had to be Rachel's husband.

Tam was suddenly in a daze. He looked at Rachel and loudly swallowed. It took him a while before he managed to say,"Mrs...Mrs. Rong. I'm sorry. I...

I… Sorry! I'm sorry, Mrs. Rong. I didn't know that you were... I thought you were..."

Rachel blinked and deliberately ignored Tam's apology. Rather, she turned to her spouse and said,"Hiram, didn't you tell me that I could enjoy the surround-view while sitting on the swing? I want to see it."


The young president's answer came in an instant for his wife. He cautiously helped her put her shoes on and sat next to her on that swing.

"Mr. Rong…"

"Fuck off!"

Hiram yelled at Tam before looking at the administrative staff who controlled the swing.

Seconds later, the swing rose.

Rachel screamed in shock. She thought that it was just a normal swing. Why on earth was it rising? Moreover, it rose

e and rich. There are many ladies out there who are dreaming of being your wife. If we combine all of them, they could probably circle around H City for many rounds!"

Rachel said to Hiram without looking away from the comments. There were a lot of explicit declarations of love to Hiram there. Some people even cursed her to divorce Hiram as soon as possible so they could marry her husband instead.

Hiram didn't find the situation surprising at all. He dried his hair and leaned his head on the bedside. "Now you understand why I wanted to forbid the release of that MV back then."

He was afraid that he would have been pestered to death if that MV had been released.

However, Rachel didn't even notice Hiram and just continued swiping through the comments. It mildly irritated him a bit. Thus he snatched her iPad, quickly turned it off, and put it on the desk. "Stop reading it and sleep with me."


"Didn't I tell you to call me Mr. Wolf? I love to hear it,"

he said and raised his eyebrows. Then gently, he lifted Rachel's chin and bent down to kiss her. "It'll be better if you do it with your sweet and sexy voice. Come on, sweetie. Call me Mr. Wolf. I want to hear it."

Rachel blinked repeatedly and smiled at Hiram. She coughed to clear her throat and then softly whispered,"Mr. Wolf?"

Her words ended up in a rising tone, making her voice not only sexy but also innocently flirtatious. It was the perfect tune Hiram wanted and it never failed to make him excited.

His Adam's apple unconsciously moved as he swallowed the heat that caught him. His eyes burned raw with desire. "Call me Mr. Wolf from now on. It sounds a lot better than Hiram. Call me again, my baby."

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