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   Chapter 278 Call Me Mr. Wolf

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"Honey?" Rachel said.

"I prefer Mr. Wolf, actually. Please call me that whenever we're alone together. Come on, try it now! I want to hear it," Hiram said with an innocent smile, which made Rachel feel that he was up to something.

"Hey, Mr. Wolf! I think we're done with our explosive adventures here. Now, can we go and see the beautiful scenery?" Rachel said, biting her lip. She felt a chill on her back as if a cool breeze was blowing past her.

She realized that even though the man in front of her had been good to her before she'd given birth, and more tender to her now, he'd never actually changed.

His blood lust and aggressiveness seemed to be a core part of him.

She'd thought that he might change after the twins were born, but she'd come to realize that Hiram would be Hiram forever.

He was as proud and aggressive as the first time she'd met him.

"Want to go out for a walk? There's a double swing about 200 meters from here. When you're swinging on it, you'll be able to see miles of scenery," Hiram said abruptly.

"Really? Let's go!" Rachel said excitedly. Finally, he was suggesting something that she could enjoy.

She tried to drag Hiram out, but he stood as still as a statue.

He stared intensely into her black eyes and said," Sure, we can go, but first... I just remembered something else I had planned for us."

"What plan? Why didn't you mention it to me before?" Rachel asked, looking puzzled. She couldn't figure out what he could possibly do right here in this restroom.

"I'm telling you now…" Hiram murmured, shifting his eyes down from her face to the rest of her body.

Half an hour later...

Rachel stepped out of the restroom with a blush on both her cheeks. She walked out alone to catch some fresh air. The place was neat and decorated luxuriously. Hiram had told her that one entrance ticket cost over 10, 000 bucks. Looking around, she was quite sure that the place was worth it.

Even the restroom here was on a par with the ones in high-class hotels. But, she'd never imagined that she'd have sex in a public restroom one day.

She still couldn't believe that she'd just done it.

Hiram was staying behind in the restroom because his clothes were stained, and he was waiting for someone to bring him a fresh set of clothes.

Rachel sat on a bench outside and closed her eyes to take a deep breath, rubbing her cheeks with both hands to calm down. She thought she would die of shame right here.

"Rachel? Is that you?" a voice called out of nowhere.

Rachel put her hands down and looked around. She saw a woman walking towards her. The woman seemed familiar, b

in her heart and brushed off Sylvia's hand. Then, she walked to Hiram with a smile and stopped in front of him.

With a sly look on her face, she said as artificially as she could," Ouch! I think I've sprained my leg! Hey, handsome, could you help me?"

She squatted down and rubbed her ankle, pouting.

Rachel could hear Tam cursing and Sylvia taking a deep breath at the same time.

Tam thought that Rachel must be crazy.

She was right that Hiram was handsome, but it was ridiculous to call him that to his face. He couldn't think of any reason why a woman would act like that unless she'd lost her mind.

"Does your ankle hurt? I wonder where else it hurts," Hiram purred.

He scooped her up into his arms and said," I'd better find a place to give you a thorough massage."

"My ankle hurts, and my back hurts too!" Rachel whined as she put her arms around his neck. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Tam following them.

"Mr. Rong, I believe this woman's trying to take advantage of you! Please don't waste your time on her. How about I find a place for us to talk alone? I want to explain our plan to you in detail," Tam said earnestly, following them.

It was really lucky that he had run into Hiram here. He and his father had made several appointments with Streams Company but they'd never seen Hiram in person, so he wasn't going to let some crazy woman snatch this opportunity away from him.

Walking behind Tam, Sylvia suddenly remembered what Rachel had said when they were talking. She immediately dragged Tam's sleeve, feeling that something was wrong. She had to tell him...

"Stop dragging me! Leave me alone! Can't you see that I'm talking to the president of Streams Company?" Tam complained, glaring at her.

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