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   Chapter 276 Who Says I'm Not Romantic

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Rachel pulled the quilt up to her chin in an effort to cover the hickeys scattered all across her body. When she heard her servant calling for her, she realized how angry she was with Hiram for giving her hickeys all over her body. There were even bite marks on her neck, which meant she was going to have to wear turtlenecks until they disappeared. This thought really irritated her and made her feel embarrassed.

Her servant reached her room. She knocked as she entered the room carrying a pile of clothes. "Mrs. Rong, a man just dropped by. He said that these clothes were handpicked by Mr. Rong for you to wear today."

Rachel had just finished washing her face and she was in her closet, searching for a turtleneck. She stopped searching to greet her servant and was pleasantly surprised to see the clothes she was holding.

"Thank you. I'll take those."

Rachel immediately laid the outfit out on the bed. There laid a milky white high-necked blouse with middle-length sleeves and a plaid skirt that ended just above the knees. 'Wow, the clothes are perfect and so elegant. His taste never disappoints me, ' she thought to herself.

Once dressed, she walked to the full-length mirror to examine the new outfit on her body. When she saw herself, she felt like a well-dressed, graceful woman. She couldn't stop guessing where Hiram was going to take her.

"Mom, mom! You look so beautiful!" her son Jonny said sweetly. He was standing in the doorway admiring Rachel.

Rachel approached her son and crouched down to hold him. She pinched his chubby cheeks and laughed. "I'm so happy to hear your praise. Ha ha. Come on, let me give you a big kiss!" she said.

She gave Jonny a big smooch on his cheek. As she turned her face, she saw Hiram walking upstairs with their daughter in his arms.

"Mom! Jonny!"

From Hiram's arms, Joyce called out to Rachel and Jonny as she clung to her father.

Rachel stood up and whispered in Hiram's ear,"Where are you going to take us?"

Noticing the new clothing she was wearing, Hiram couldn't help but smirk. "I'm not going to take us, I'm going to take YOU. The place we are going to isn't kid-friendly."

"Hmm? So what do we do about our kids?" Rachel leaned in closer to Hiram, lowering her voice. "You know the kids won't allow us to be gone without them for long."

After all, Joyce and Jonny had started crying yesterday when Rachel had to leave the house for only a short while.

"Dad, mom, what are you talking about? I can't hear what you're saying!" Joyce moved her head close to Hiram's ear in an attempt to hear what they were talking about. But he

o could be anywhere in the world, was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"Hiram, seriously, where on earth are we going?" she asked again persistently.

They had been driving for over two hours.

"I told you. You'll find out when we get there," said Hiram, still keeping it a secret.

"Enough! Hiram!" Rachel felt like she was going crazy.

She was so mad that she reached over and scratched his chest, which made one of the buttons on his shirt come undone.

Hiram smiled with resignation and adjusted his shirt.

After thinking for a few moments, Rachel took out her phone and tried to figure out their location.

She smiled coyly. "I know, Hiram. There is a popular tourist attraction nearby and it's only for couples. Are you taking me there? Ha ha, I figured it out," she said.

Hiram glanced at her irritated, heaved a sigh and said,"Knowing it ahead of time may not be good for you." He turned a corner and drove the car on a shady street lined with thick trees.

The street was long and narrow. The glistening green leaves were aesthetically pleasing. As they continued to drive, they could see flowers blossoming on the trees. The flowers changed from white, to pink, to yellow.

"Wow, this is so romantic!" Rachel said, her voice full of surprise.

"We are not there yet, but we will be shortly. I think you will find the place very romantic and thrilling," Hiram said with a huge grin on his face.

'Who says I'm not romantic?' Hiram thought. He was very capable of creating romantic memories for his wife. He hadn't really planned these kinds of things before because he found romantic dates to be cliché. But now that he knew Rachel wanted him to do more romantic things, he decided to make an effort.

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