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   Chapter 275 Love Bites

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Jonny, who was sitting on the steps, immediately walked downstairs too and threw his arms around his mommy's leg, burying his head against it. His eyes were red with tears, but he kept silent without speaking a word.

He hadn't cried at first, but he couldn't control his tears after hearing his little sister cry.

She kept saying that their mommy left them and would never come back. Hearing her cry as she said those words made him afraid that she was telling the truth.

Rachel put her daughter down and carried her son up. She patted both of them on their shoulders and said,"There, there, stop crying, please. I'm here now, right? Come on, let's go watch cartoons together, okay?"

At these words, the kids immediately stopped crying and walked to the room hand in hand with their mommy.

Night fell...

Rachel snuggled up into Hiram's arms and drew circles on his chest with her fingertip. She asked,"Hiram, are you hiding something from me?"

When Hiram heard her question, he instantly set aside the documents in his hand and turned to her.

"What are you talking about?"

Rachel's finger paused, and she turned her focus to Hiram's face. Her eyes were gleaming under the crystal chandelier like beautiful sparkling pearls. "They say that you've built a luxurious castle for me. Is that true?" she asked, confused.

If Celine hadn't mentioned it today, she would've forgotten the rumor. 'How could people be so imaginative?' Rachel wondered.

Hiram smiled slightly and asked,"Why are you asking me such a thing? Do you want to have a luxurious castle?" Hiram gazed at her, his eyes beaming like diamonds.

"No, it's a rumor that's been going around a lot these days. And I'm the main person it concerns, but even I don't know if it's true or not. So tell's not true, right?"

Rachel turned over and groveled on Hiram's chest, looking at him curiously.

Hiram burst into laughter and played with a strand of Rachel's hair that fell on his chest. He replied,"If I told you it's not true, wouldn't you feel quite disappointed?"

He knew that this rumor had already been reported in the news once. Immediately after that, he'd asked the media to stop reporting it, but he still wasn't able to stop the rumors that were going around on the Internet.

As for the authenticity of the rumor...

"No, because I have never taken it seriously. I'm just asking you now so that I can know for sure. So the next time I hear someone talking about it, I won't hesitate to tell them that it's absolute nonsense!"

Rachel resumed drawing circles on his chest with her fingertip while holding her head up with the other hand.

"Well, what do you think? Do you think I would build

s around the room.

"Shh! Mommy is sleeping now. Joyce, let's go out and have fun!"

"Jonny, did you see the bites on Mommy's body? Did mosquitoes do those? Look! This one is so big!"

"Mosquito? But how can a mosquito leave such a large bite?"

Both of them stepped closer to the bed to observe the bites on their mommy's neck and arms. Then, when their mommy turned over, looking like she was about to wake up, the kids immediately turned around and left the room.

Rachel rubbed her eyes and yawned. She still felt so tired and sleepy.

Once that man started, he never stopped until he was fully satisfied. Who said that sex wouldn't make a woman feel tired? She was exhausted and even felt back pain now!

Her whole body ached as if she'd been taken apart and put back together.

A thought suddenly occurred to her. 'Did Hiram do this just to take revenge on me?' she wondered.

She couldn't believe that Hiram would bully her like that just because she'd said something wrong. She couldn't even get up from the bed now!

"Hiram! You wretch! You wolf! You shameless bully!" she yelled out loud, sitting up.

But when she pulled the quilt away from her body, tears instantly fell down her face.

She couldn't believe her eyes.

Her whole body, from her neck to her waist, was covered with love bites!

It wasn't just one or two, but a lot of them, more than she could count.

And since there were so many of them, it would be difficult to cover them with clothes. Her crying intensified with anger.

Just then, a maid opened the door slightly and said,"Mrs. Rong, before Mr. Rong left this morning, he asked you to change your clothes when you wake up and wait for him at home. He said that he'd finish his work early today and that he'd come back soon and take you out."

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