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   Chapter 274 Just Return Your Money

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Rachel turned around and saw Patrick standing against the wall. He looked modest with his arms crossed on his chest.

It seemed that his rough edges had been smoothen away by the past three years. He was almost a new person except for his eyes that remained as piercing as those of wild black panthers.

"Answer my question, Rachel!" he urged.

Then he nonchalantly put out his cigar and stared at her without even blinking.

"May I ask you a question first, Mr. Yan? Why are you here? I remember that you're not the boss of this office anymore a long time ago," Rachel asked. She looked back at him defiantly as she honestly didn't have any plans to answer his question at all.

However, Patrick already knew her answer even before he asked. It was just normal for her to remember him and everything else that had happened in his old office. Moreso, it would also be hard for her to forget how she saw him fight with two other men.

He gave his old office a glance before he sneered and said,"It'll be mine again in a couple of days. This time, no one can take it away from me. You know what? I'll take back everything that belonged to me in the past!"

"Really? Congratulations then! It seems like the Mr. Yan I knew is back, right?" Rachel let out a smile and stared at his ambitious face.

She couldn't remember how he looked like anymore when he was still eating someone else's leftovers as if he was a drowned mouse.

"Rachel, listen! I've heard enough flattering recently, so stop talking bullshit! All I want to know is if you've ever thought of me in the past three years!" Again, Patrick asked seriously as he really wanted to know what she would say.

Knowing that he would insist on asking, Rachel glanced at her phone to see what time it was tactically and said,"I'm sorry. Mr. Yan. I'm afraid that I have to go home now. You see, my kids are waiting for me."

"Was my question that hard for you to answer?" Eagerness was still in Patrick's voice when he blocked her way towards the elevator. He was determined not to let her go unless she gave him what he wanted.

"Mr. Yan, I don't think that I should answer questions like that." She put on a sulky face and bravely stared back at him.

"Well, Rachel. You have no clue who I was thinking of the most during my darkest days! It was you! Let me tell you face to face that you mean a lot to me!" blurted Patrick in response. It was evident that he wasn't joking as seriousness dripped from every word he said.

The intensity of his gaze made Rachel look away as she retorted,"Sorry to let you down. To tell you the truth, you were never in my mind."

"What the...That's it? Let me be direct with this. I could have been contented if you had even thought of me once," he said in a suddenly low voice. It was then that he stopped forcing her to answer and took out a card from his pocket. He gave her an empty glare as he passed his card to her. "I came here to return both the money you gave me and the

e the money out of the card.

As per Patrick's offer, she silently hoped for that day not to come. She decided not to ask for his help if she didn't need it.

It was only after that conversation that she drove back to Tulip Palace.

Meanwhile, little Joyce was crying on the courtyard's stairs. "Mommy! I want my mommy! Where is my mommy? When will she come back to us?"

"Stop crying, Joyce! Mommy will be back soon. She loves us!" Jonny said as he patted his sister's back for comfort.

Their servants were all standing beside as they could do nothing but to watch the twins worriedly. They had already tried the best they could to talk to the young lady and stop her from crying. Nonetheless, she refused to listen to anyone.

Each of their servants bowed hurriedly upon seeing Rachel's car coming and said,"My dear lady, look! Here is your mother's car! She's back!"

Rachel saw her daughter dashing to her even before she got off her car. The little one was crying out,"Mommy, Mommy! I thought you left us and never come back!"

"Here you are, Mrs. Rong! Joyce was looking for you all afternoon! She insisted on waiting outside and none of us could manage her." One of the servants explained in a haste.

"Joyce, Mommy just went out for an afternoon. Look at you! I told you this morning that I would be back as soon as I could." Rachel said and rubbed Joyce's little head. She then bent down and took her sniffing child in her arms.

She had been staying with them for the past three years and seldom went out alone. It was probably the reason why they were too dependent on her. The twins would start looking around for her even if she was just away for half an hour.

Her son was a lot less emotional and could take instructions better.

However, their little princess was always willful and a cute crybaby. She would definitely throw a fit if something upset her.

Joyce lowered her little head and said, pouting,"Mommy, I just... I just missed you so much!"

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