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   Chapter 272 Patrick Staged A Comeback

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The moment when the little girl realized that she was rejected, she started crying out loudly.

The little girl's mother had been watching her daughter all this time. She was the one who encouraged the child to approach Jonny to play with him. And when she saw her crying, she immediately came over. "Yanira, my honey don't cry. Mommy will take you somewhere else to play!"

"I don't want to. I want to play with him," replied Yanira, pointing at Jonny. She rubbed her eyes with both of her own hands but could not stop crying. She looked around and found that Hiram's little boy was the most handsome kid in the park, and that was why she only wanted to play with him.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows, and took a look at his son and said,"Jonny, see how you made her cry? Would you please play with her for a while?"

Jonny shook his little head. His dark eyes were full of reluctance. He looked back at Hiram and said,"I don't want to play with her. I only want to play with you!"

Hiram let out a sigh. His son was behaving exactly like him when he was a kid. It ran in the blood and it was not easy to change.

When he was Jonny's age, he didn't like to play with girls either. In his mind at that time, girls were very delicate and were just too troublesome.

It was only now that he had his own daughter did he find that it was also a kind of happiness to enjoy a daughter's coquettish behavior.

His son was not able to feel that right now.

When Hiram saw Jonny being reluctant, he didn't want to force him. So he took his little hand and went out of the shooting area.

When they found Rachel, she had dressed Joyce in a princess dress and was taking pictures of her. Seeing her son's unhappy face, she could not help asking,"What's wrong? Don't you want to play any more?"

Hiram simply explained to her what had just happened. After hearing the story, Rachel could not stop laughing and said,"My dear son, how could you make a girl cry? If you are like that, how can you find a girl friend in the future?"

She wasn't expecting her son to reply the way he did.

Jonny said solemnly,"Mom, I don't want to find a girlfriend. I like Mom, I want to spend all my life with my mom!"

Hearing that, Hiram's face turned serious and said,"Jonny, your mom is my wife. And you have to find your own wife in the future. Do you understand?" Hiram gave Jonny a short lecture.

Rachel smiled and took his son into her arms and patted him gently and then asked,"My dear baby, you're very considerate and nice to your sister. No matter

a while for him to come back to sleep.

Although Rachel also felt a little sleepy, she did not feel so after she went to bed. When she met Patrick at dinner, she always felt that when he looked at her, it was kind of strange. There seemed to be something in his stares.

The way he looked at her made her feel very uncomfortable.

After waiting in bed for a while, Hiram did not come back to sleep yet. She put on her robe, and went out. Opening the door of his study and looking inside, she found he was still working hard at his desk.

"Aren't you going to bed now?" Rachel asked gently.

Hiram raised his hand and head up, looking at her and answered,"Give me 10 minutes more. What's the matter? Can't you fall asleep?" He asked.

Rachel went in and sat on the chair opposite his desk. "Hiram, I met Patrick today. However, I have the feeling that... he looked very odd today."

Frankly speaking, she had never hidden anything from Hiram.

Hiram paused a little while and then looked at her with his deep eyes for a moment, and said,"The reason why he got up so fast was that he had asked for the help of the underworld. He has been washing his hands off it constantly, but the stink will never be washed away. He's not a good-natured person. If you encounter him again in the future, try not to connect with him as much as possible."

Patrick was not a simple person, so he could rise even without Rachel's original financial support.

However, he did not expect that Patrick would choose to rely on the underworld forces by any means in order to rebuild his business. Once this dark force had infiltrated your system, it would be very difficult to get rid of the association.

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