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   Chapter 270 Did You Miss Me

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Three years had passed.

"Joyce! Did you steal your brother's toy again? Didn't I buy one for you?"

Rachel looked at Joyce, running here and there, with two pigtails flying in the air. She had a cute little face shaped like an apple, a small pointed chin and an irresistibly cute cunning look. She blinked her bright beady eyes and tilted her small head. "But, mom, I want both."

"Really?" Rachel crossed her arms at the precious little gem. "So if I bought three toys, you'd also want all three to play with?"

Rachel helplessly looked at her daughter, who was clearly a small bundle, but had the guts to bully her brother every time and everywhere.

If Rachel bought one toy, Jonny would usually give it to Joyce. But if she bought two, Jonny couldn't play with either, as the naughty girl hoarded both and refused to let her brother play.

"It doesn't matter, mom. Let her play with it. I will play with my toy car outside..." Jonny wore cute little denim pants, walked towards her, hugged her leg and said with sweet voice.

Rachel looked at her little son who understood everything very well. He seemed not to be upset at all and walked towards the door happily.

Joyce looked at her brother, disappointed that he didn't make a big deal out of it. She put down the toy and lost interest. Actually, she was just trying to make her brother want to play with her, but her brother was always generous towards her so he usually just gave in.

"Well, Joyce, if you are not going to play with those toys, put them back in the box where they belong. You can't just leave them lying on the floor like that, Ok sweetie?"

Rachel said, looking at her daughter with her lips curling and bending to pat her little head.

"Ok Mommy..." Joyce nodded her head and pouted towards her younger brother who was now playing with his toy car in the yard. She then walked towards the toy room with her toys.

Rachel shook her head, smiling and looked at the two children. She turned on the TV and went to the kitchen to bring out a bowl of fruit.

"H City news, the Cliff Mountain-LoveJs Project has been completed on time..."

She sat on the sofa, watching the report on TV. The construction of the previous section had been completed. The next phase was about decorating, finishing touches and attracting investments. It might not be long

could not see you at that time and until now. It has been a loooong time!"

"Daddy..." Jonny who was now standing beside him, tugged at his shirt, and also looked at Hiram with expectation. He missed his father as well.

However, the daddy seemed to like the little girl more. Each time, he gave the more hugs to her.

Hiram smiled and bent down and picked up his son from the floor. With one kid in each arm, he then looked to where Rachel was standing and smiled. "Darling, you have to come closer. I can not move and hug you now!"

Rachel stared at him with smile and walked into the office with the lunch box.

Inside the office, Hiram put his son and daughter on the sofa and turned to Rachel. He took the lunch box, put it on the table, and turned to take her in his arms. His pleasant and attractive voice was in her ears.

"Darling, you are so good to bring me my lunch. So did you miss me as much as Joyce did?"

Rachel put her hand on Hiram's waist. Even after three years, Hiram was still very handsome and had become more mature, which attracted her more.

"Yes of course! I have missed you so..." Then she bit her lip and looked into his deep and smiling eyes.

Hiram closed his eyes and bent over to kiss Rachel.

"Ewww... Ewww! Mom and dad! That's embarrassing!" Joyce pointed to the two adults, covering her mouth, giggling.

Jonny also smiled but he didn't yell out. When their father kissed him and his sister, he always kissed them with short, little pecks, but when his father kissed his mother, it was always a long kiss.

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