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   Chapter 269 Turn Your Head Around

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"What are you doing? Stop looking at my breasts! Turn your head around!" Rachel yelled. Hiram's steady gaze made her feel uneasy and uncomfortable. He looked like a hungry animal eager to eat its prey.

Hiram coughed to hide his laughter and said,"Honey, you must get used to nursing the babies in front me. After all, I am your husband and their father. If you are unable to do it like that, then it will be very awkward for all of us. Not to mention, the babies would go hungry. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

Rachel still hesitated, but little Joyce found the right place to suckle and fed herself happily, making little short grunts of satisfaction. Rachel took a deep breath the moment her little daughter put her mouth on her breast. It still felt weird, ticklish and a little painful.

'My god! I never knew feeding the baby would hurt! But why?' she thought to herself.

"Why are you gasping? Did she bite you? I don't think she has any teeth now!" Hiram asked. He sat beside her trying hard to hide his laughter.

Rachel was getting used to the feeling of the baby's mouth on her nipple. She glanced at him and retorted,"You know what? You can try it later. Have her suck on your nipples and we'll see. Then you'll know."

No wonder Doctor Huang told her that the more the babies suckled, the more breast milk she would produce.

No wonder people always said you could use your strength of suckling the breast to manage an impossible thing.

Now she knew what the strength to suckle meant.

Hiram burst out laughing at what she said. He touched the rosy cheeks of his little daughter and said,"Sorry, but I refuse. Just by imagining it, I know that the feeling would be extremely strange, and I won't be able to handle it long enough. Besides I don't have any milk in me anyway."

As they sat talking, with the baby girl in Rachel's arms, the baby boy, who was alone in his crib, began crying loudly as if complaining why his mommy and daddy left him alone.

Hiram raised his eyebrows and stood up. "Stop crying, buddy! Be a man! Just a few hours old and you're already competing with your sister!" He said as he walked toward his crib.

He bent over to take little Jonny in his arms, although he wasn't happy at his crying, and cradled him.

After baby Joyce was done, Rachel said to him,"Bring Jonny to me and let me feed him. Then take Joyce back to her crib. It is time for her to take a little nap."

Hiram walked towards her holding little Jonny, but paused before giving him to his mother. He said,"Listen, honey, we'd better give him a bottle instead. I don't think breast feeding him is a good idea."

"What? But why?" Rachel asked.

She was surprised why he would think like that.

They had discussed breast feeding a moment ago, and decided that both babies should be breast fed until they were three months old. After that, they would discuss whether it would b

Time would do its work, including letting the babies grow and letting her recover and return to her old self.

Hiram had gone to work and would be back for lunch at noon. The babies spent most of their time sleeping, thus Rachel had lots of idle time.

She turned on the TV to watch the news.

Although Fannie repeatedly told her to stay away from TV and avoid getting a cold, she decided to treat herself a little bit.

"Here are the latest reports! The Cliff Mountain-LoveJs Project, funded by the Streams Company, was started two days ago, and it'll take three years to complete. It is the first large-scale original ecological project in this nation, and ……"

"It is said that the wife of the Streams Company's president just gave birth to twins a few days ago. This has given the Project another significant meaning, celebrating the birth of the twins……"

"There are rumors that Hiram Rong has invested one billion dollars to construct a castle in a prime location, and he named it after his wife. The castle will be completed together with the LoveJs Project."

Dumbstruck, Rachel couldn't hear the rest of what the anchorwoman was reporting. It took a long moment before she came back to herself.

When she heard about the Cliff Mountain-LoveJs Project, it made some sense to her, but what they reported after that was ridiculous.

Hiram must tell her these things beforehand. After all, it wasn't like deciding what they were going to have for lunch.

It must also be possible that the media was again reporting based on hearsay instead of facts. It was an unethical practice that the media always liked to do.

A high profile company in such a position was open to different kinds of attacks. Rachel knew there were lots of high-value buildings constructed by Streams Company, and no wonder the media would focus on it and spin some news to attract public attention.

"Yes, that's it!" she exclaimed to herself.

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