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   Chapter 268 Jonny And Joyce

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Hearing the news, Joanna shouted excitedly,"Gavin, have you heard that? We now have a grandson and a granddaughter! That's really awesome! What a great job Rachel did! It's the first time that twins of a boy and a girl, were born in our family! We must have been blessed by the ancestors of our family."

Gavin was equally excited. Smiling broadly, he carried one of the babies from the nurse's arms. Holding the baby's soft, little body and looking at the baby's small, cute face made him feel really happy. "Yes, Rachel has really done a great job!" he said.

In the VIP maternity room...

Rachel was awake. She gently looked at the babies lying in the crib next to her. They looked so beautiful. 'You gave me a big, big surprise, ' she thought to herself with a contented smile.

She had always thought that the twins would be either both boys or both girls. She'd never imagined that she'd get both a son and a daughter in her first delivery. Hearing the news had almost moved her to tears.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and then Fannie walked in looking angry. "Rachel, why didn't you call me when you started to give birth last night? I should have stood by your side when you were in your labor!" Fannie complained as she walked in. When she was receiving the phone call this morning, her first thought was that Rachel was going to give birth to the twins. But unexpectedly, she was being told that Rachel had already given birth to a boy and a girl.

"Shh. Mom, keep your voice down. The twins are sleeping," said Rachel in a low voice.

Fannie placed all the fruit and the nutritious food that she had brought for Rachel onto the table, then she walked to the crib. When she saw the twins, she smiled warmly, and the wrinkles around her eyes deepened. "Ooh, look at this small beautiful face! The sister resembles Hiram!

The brother, um..." Fannie shifted her eyes to the baby boy who was wrapped in a thick blue baby blanket, and then continued,"He resembles Hiram too. But if he opens his eyes, I think he'll resemble you."

Rachel couldn't help smiling at her words. "It seems that they've gotten more of Hiram's genes. But they're so little now, and their faces will change as they grow up. They might resemble me later!"

Fannie approached Rachel and sat beside her. "Rachel, I feel bad that I wasn't there with you in your hardest time, when you were giving birth to the twins. But anyway, it all turned out well. You're safe and healthy, and the twins are so adorable. I feel content," she said.

"Mom, everything happened so fast last night. I didn't even realize that I was going to give birth until the doctor told me. Besides, my parents-in-law arrived soon after, and everything went well. That's why I didn't call you last night," Rachel said comfortingly in a soft voice. She knew that Fannie was feeling guilty for not being with her last night, even though it wasn't really her fault.

As a mother, Fannie had wanted to be there for her only daughter when she was in labor. But she understood the situation, so she nodded, her eye

d your babies? Breast or bottle?" Doctor Huang kept the digital thermometer on the baby's forehead to take her temperature.

After thinking for a few seconds, Rachel said,"I want to breastfeed them, but I think my breast milk won't be enough to feed both of them, so one of them will have to drink formula milk."

It wasn't like the olden days, when rich people could hire a woman just to feed the babies. They were in a modern society now, so if she couldn't breastfeed her children, she had to think about giving them formula milk instead.

"You can breastfeed them for the first two months, because they're small and won't drink too much milk in that period. Actually, how about you breastfeed them for the first three months? After that, one of them can drink formula milk instead of breast milk." As she spoke, Doctor Huang examined the baby. The baby girl was normal in both appearance and behavior, so she was healthy.

Since both of the twins' weights were normal, they didn't have to be kept in an incubator.

Rachel was still pondering over Doctor Huang's suggestion when Hiram said,"Let our son drink formula milk and let our daughter drink breast milk."

Rachel shot him a dirty look. She had guessed that Hiram would show partiality to their daughter.

"Well, Mrs. Rong, if you want to breastfeed the twins, you'd better start doing it now. The earlier you let your babies suckle at your teats, the sooner you'll produce breast milk!" Doctor Huang said with a warm smile.

'I should start to breastfeed my daughter right now?' Rachel thought, looking at her baby crying in her arms.

She knew the doctor was right, but she felt a little shy and awkward since it was her first time.

Seeing Rachel's hesitation, Doctor Huang smiled knowingly and walked out of the room.

Rachel tried to mentally prepare herself, but when she saw the baby's face turn red from crying, she lifted her clothes in a hurry and got ready to feed the baby.

She raised her head up casually and found Hiram staring at her without blinking his eyes.

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