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   Chapter 267 A Pigeon Pair

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Hiram's emotions were in full chaos as he rushed across that hospital lobby with Rachel and the doctors.

The strong scent of medicine surging in his nose was emptying his head. Rachel was sent to the delivery room and just the thought of it was enough to twist his guts in worry. He was about to enter the delivery room's door thoughtlessly when someone quickly seized him by his arm and made him turn around. "What's the sense of you staying there while she is giving birth?" Joanna said in a haste.

"No. I need to see her. I can't be okay until I see her!"

Hiram exclaimed as he completely disregarded his Mother. He found a chance upon seeing Doctor Huang walked into the delivery room. He waved Joanna's hand off and immediately followed her. He changed his clothes and soon enough, he was already inside the delivery room where Rachel was.

Apparently, Rachel wasn't a bit pleased upon seeing him come in. She shook her head in midst of pain and blurted,"Goodness! Get out, Hiram! You'll just get scared here."

"Get scared? Honey, is that the kind of man you think I am? Listen, I will not only cut our babies umbilical cords myself. I'll watch over you as you give birth to them. I will never be at ease at all unless I'm sure that all of you are okay!"

The determination was all over Hiram's face as he held her hand firmly.

His tender action made Rachel stop from persuading him any further as she knew that Hiram already made up his mind. It would be useless for her to say any more words. Moreover, she was in the middle of giving birth and explaining to him as she lay on that obstetric table wasn't exactly what she was thinking about.

She was suffering a close-to-death pain and never had she expected that childbirth could be such an unbearable process.

"Push, Push!"

"Okay! Stop and have a rest. Start pushing again once you feel the contractions."

"Push! Push harder! I got the baby's head!"

"Alright. Alright... Good job! Now do it again!"

It took roughly two hours of crying, screaming in pain, and pushing before Rachel gave birth to their first child.

"Mr. Rong! Congratulations! The first one is a girl!" Doctor Huang said happily as she picked the baby up. She signaled the nurse to hand over a pair of scissors to Hiram who was standing frozen on his feet.

The small baby's cry was crisp and loud as she moved her little arms and legs freely inside the doctor's arms. She was pink all over and very tiny. Everything about her looked so strange and beautiful to Hiram that he ended up swallowing silently. Darn it! He thought he was ready but the way his heart ached with overwhelming tenderness upon seeing the child made him think otherwise.

He remained speechless with indescribable shock for a while. The tiny life before him was tipping his emotions to the point that he could hardly contain his happiness. "Honey, it must be hard for you."

He finally managed to utter after some second. Everybody knew that bringing a tiny life to the world could be a bloody experience. Therefore, this type of scenes could always bring psychological traumas to the expectant Fathers who had chosen to accompany their wives during labors. In fact, Hiram was not an exception!

He was a powerful man but he wasn't spared from the shock that took over him. However, he was able to collect his composure bac

obably be a girl too as it was common for twins to have the same gender.

"Really?" Rachel might have lost all her strength, nonetheless, she still wanted to get up and see her baby.

It was a clue for Hiram. He immediately handed his daughter over to the nurse and took his newborn son. "Don't move, Rachel! I'll bring him to you!"

He carefully cut his babie's umbilical cord and carried him in his arms to let Rachel have a look. "I can't say more. You surprise me too much. It never occurred to me that we'll have a girl and a boy!"

It was the same for Rachel. She never expected a baby boy too. She gave one last glimpse to her babies and slowly closed her eyes again. She was a beat after using all her strength.

It was only after those that Rachel finally had her chance to rest.

"Doctor, why did my wife faint?" Horror was in Hiram's voice upon seeing Rachel completely lost consciousness.

It alarmed Doctor Huang and had her running back to check on Rachel. A faint smile cracked her lips as soon as she saw her patient. "It's okay, Mr. Rong. She is just too tired and fell asleep.

She must have been knocked out after giving birth to two babies." the lady doctor said with assurance.

Hiram let Doctor Huang take over his baby for him. He walked to Rachel, wiped her sweaty face, and then gently tucked some sweat-soaked hair behind her ear.

He was extremely careful when he lifted her from the obstetric table and carried her to the ward bed. His body was moving on its own initiative to give her the best comfort that he could.

"Baby, I know it's a hard task," uttered Hiram as he stared at Rachel's tired face. His fingers were warm on her cheeks as he caressed her.

'Believe me, Rachel. What happened today will never happen again. I will never let you suffer this way again.

I have nothing to regret in this life since I have you, our son, and our daughter.' He solemnly swore in his heart.

At the same time, the nurses came out with the twins in their arms. They walked towards Gavin and Joanna who were still anxiously waiting outside the delivery room.

"Congratulations! You are Grandparents now! Mrs. Rong gave birth to a boy and a girl, a pigeon pair!" They cheerfully announced.

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