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   Chapter 266 Natural Delivery Or Abdominal Delivery

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Doctor Huang shivered with fear when she saw the expression on Hiram's face. Nevertheless, she tried to stay calm and act professional. So she nodded quickly,"Yes, Mr. Rong. The cervix is already open. There are two options - natural delivery or abdominal delivery with Cesarean section. Which one do you prefer, sir?"

Immediately, without any second thoughts, Hiram replied with a firm and convinced tone,"Abdominal delivery! It is said that natural delivery is painful. I don't want her to suffer."

"No! Wait, please!"

Rachel disagreed, while trying to sit up more comfortably in the bed. She continued speaking with a gentle, yet powerful tone,"Hiram, can you, please, not rush into a decision that fast? It is also known that the recovery after the abdominal delivery is very painful and it takes longer time for a woman to heal her body, restore her physical strength and go back to her natural rhythm. So let me ask the doctor first.

Doctor Huang, can you please do the necessary medical check to verify if I am healthy enough to give a natural birth? If my physical condition allows, I want to try it," stated Rachel with a sense of certainty.

Rachel's determination made Doctor Huang feel a deep sense of admiration for her. In fact, most women from wealthy families would choose abdominal delivery right away, because they could not bear the extreme suffering of natural childbirth. However, Rachel looked fearless.

"Okay, please lie down then. I am going to make a color ultrasound check to find out the conditions of the fetuses and the amniotic fluid."

Doctor Huang said, as she helped Rachel accommodate herself more comfortably. Then, she carefully covered the detector of the device with some lubricants and began to check her belly.

"The fetuses' conditions are normal, although I notice the umbilical cord is tied around the neck of one of the babies. This should not be an issue in your case, as the head isn't very big. I think we can try it, but I must warn you I cannot assure you that your babies can be delivered safely."

Doctor Huang explained honestly. As a matter of fact, natural delivery is full of danger and no doctor on earth can guarantee the absolute safety of any woman who is to give childbirth.

"It's OK. I know that, but I am still willing to try it." said Rachel with determination.

Hearing Rachel's words, Hiram knitted his eyebrows. He gave her a long look, full of worry, confusion, love and adoration, and finally said,"Darling, the natural delivery is painful. I'm afraid that you can't endure the pain."

However, Rachel comforted his turbulent feelings with the warmth of her smile and then said sweetly,"Hiram, I heard that the naturally delivered babies are healthier. Since my physical conditions allow me to do it, I really want to try this for the sake of our children."

Even though he stood silent, his face was telling a story of the internal battles he was going through right now - bewilderment, fear, and des

ferent. Nowadays, newly-born babies could be very heavy due to the excessive nutrition intakes of their mothers.

In the past, a newly-born child with a weight of 3.8 kilograms was a very rare thing to see.

"Yes, he was. Although I suffered enormously during the delivery, it all felt worthwhile when I saw his pretty little face after birth." said Joanna, as she wiped off the sweat on Rachel's forehead.

Sinking back into the past memories, she even remembered how Gavin was acting when she gave birth to Hiram.

After a while, unable to stay away and wait any longer, Hiram opened the door of the room and walked in.

"Hiram, why do you come in again? Your presence in the room will only add up more anxiety for Rachel. You'd better get out of here." Joanna warned him.

Looking at the pale-faced Rachel with a shadow of worry in his eyes, Hiram begged,"Mom, let me accompany her. She is my wife. How can I sit and wait outside?"

Then, he stepped forward fast to hold Rachel in his arms.

Moved deeply, Rachel looked at Hiram with eyes, full of tears. Then, she bit her lips and held him tightly.

However, in that very moment of close embrace, another surge of labor pain came. Rachel felt so stirred up, that she grasped Hiram's clothes tightly and kept taking deep breaths. Sensing her agony, he locked her body close to his, trying to relieve her pain.

"I'll call doctors to have a look." stated firmly Joanna, after seeing Rachel was in extreme suffering this time. Then, she ran out of the room to search for the doctors.

"You can bite me, if you feel painful." Hiram said in a hoarse voice, as he kissed her on the sweaty hair.

A few moments later, Doctor Huang came in. She ran another check and then said with a sigh of relief,"She can be sent into the delivery room now."

Her cervix hadn't opened that wide just yet and it would be useless for her to enter the delivery room. But since her cervix had opened wide enough, she could give birth directly.

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