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   Chapter 265 Labor Pains

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After taking a shower, Rachel was having some walking exercise in the room while waiting for Hiram.

She felt anxious and preferred to walk around instead of sitting or standing still. She guessed Chad must have told everything to Hiram.

Would he be mad at her if he had known that she was the one who helped Patrick?

Although Patrick had asked about it, she told Patrick that Hiram wouldn't be angry for this because she didn't want him to feel worried, but deep down, she wasn't quite sure whether Hiram would mind about it or not.

After a while, the door was pushed open slightly.

Rachel came to a standstill on the spot, watching Hiram coming into the room anxiously.

"Why are you not on the bed yet?" Hiram asked, he was taking his coat off and hung it on the rack.

Rachel thought it would be better to be honest to Hiram first. "Hiram, did Chad say something to you?" she asked, biting her lips.

"Huh? He only told me something related to our business. Why? What's wrong?" Hiram sat on the sofa and asked with a touch of smile on his face.

Rachel sat down beside him. Her eyes were even bigger and she blinked a little. She was surprised that Chad didn't tell this matter to Hiram.

"I.... I actually met Patrick outside the restaurant tonight, and I gave him a card with 50000 bucks in it," after saying it, she was thinking that she might have been too impulsive at that moment.

Lowering her head, she continued her confess anxiously,"I'm really sorry that I might be too impulsive, but I did feel pity for him when I saw him in such miserable situation, so I gave him the card."

She hadn't taken any cash with her that day, so she gave Patrick the card without any hesitation.

Hiram must be annoyed that his own wife was so generous to his business rival.

She felt guilty and dared not to look at Hiram's eyes. Hiram didn't expect that she would confess to him.

Her frankness made him feel guilty, because he had too much of things hiding from her.

In fact, she didn't have to blame herself for helping Patrick, because Patrick's brother Preston had prepaid a large sum of money for the cooperation in the future. Compared to it, the 50000 she had given to Patrick was really nothing at all.

Besides, Patrick had to face this difficult situation because of him, so he wou

hone number of Doctor Huang, without the agreement of Rachel.

After getting the car out from the garage, Hiram held her into the car and drove straight towards the hospital.

Rachel was hit by several throbbing aches during the way to hospital, but the pain disappeared soon each time.

Doctor Huang had been waiting for them before they arrived at the hospital as Hiram had called her to be there for them.

"Mrs. Rong, please lie on the bed. I'll check whether your uterine cervix has opened or not," Doctor Huang said, wearing his gloves on. When she found Hiram was still standing there, she said with embarrassment,"Mr. Rong, can you please wait outside?"

The presence of Mr. Rong would make Doctor Huang get much more pressure in mind and not able to check up on Rachel freely.

Hiram frowned and looked at Rachel.

"Honey, please wait for me outside. It's not convenient if you stay here," Rachel said and she waved to him.

Hesitating for a moment, Hiram turned his body around and walked out, pulling the curtain closed.

Rachel took deep breaths following Doctor Huang's instruction.

"Mrs. Rong! Your uterine cervix has opened and it is now about two fingers' width and you're about to deliver!" Doctor Huang was a little nervous to do the accouchement for her at the thought of her being Mr. Rong's wife.

"Huh? What?"

Rachel was shocked.

Just then, the curtain was pulled open suddenly. Hiram came in and he stared at Doctor Huang. "What did you say just now? She's about to deliver?" he asked anxiously.

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