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   Chapter 264 The Beggar

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Rachel was sure she had seen the beggar before.

She was bewildered. She decided to take a close look. She stood up and headed to the door.

"Rachel, where are you …" Chad asked from behind.

"Nothing, Chad, I just want some fresh air," she said.

She nodded to Chad, assuring him she was fine.

She walked to the beggar and scanned him from head to toe.

She was shocked. It was the man she thought of.

The first time she had seen him, he was an arrogant opponent of Hiram, who had commanded Hiram's respect. Now he had fallen on bad times, eating leftovers and being as quiet as a mouse.

He noticed Rachel observing him and glanced at her casually. He wasn't expecting to see her here at this time of the day. He turned his head right away, dropped the leftover food and turned around to run away from her.


Rachel called his name out. He stopped and straightened up. "I'm afraid you've got the wrong person, ma'am!" he mumbled without turning his back.

"Wait for a minute!" Rachel shouted.

She walked in front of him and took a careful look at his face.

It was unbelievable that this man in front of her was the arrogant man she used to know. The man brought her to his private game room. The man insisted on dropping her home. It simply could not be!

"I remember I left you some cash in the hospital the other day. What happened to that money? How could you put yourself in such a situation?" asked she. She didn't know what he was going through. The hospital had asked her to pay for his treatment and she paid without any thought.

She had never imagined him to be reduced to begging. She thought he would give the money back to her when they met later. But things had turned out to be very different.

"You've got the wrong person," he insisted. He had never expected Rachel would run into him. He wanted to retain his dignity, so he was reluctant to admit that he was Patrick Yan.

"Patrick, listen! I know we're not friends, but after all, we had dinner together a couple of times. Don't you think I can recognize you? I don't know what troubles you're going through, but I can help you if you're lacking money, for the sake of our acquaintance," Rachel said.

Although they were neither kith nor kin, she felt terrible when she saw him eating leftovers like a stray dog.

Wiping his lips with his dirty sleeves, Patrick snorted a

achel went inside first and she glanced at Chad who was sitting in the car before she went inside.

She knew Chad had seen everything that had happened outside the restaurant that evening.

Chad had seen it all but had kept quiet.

After she went inside, Hiram turned to Chad and asked,"Did anything happen before I arrived?"

He had noticed that Rachel looked disconcerted when he got to the restaurant, and he was wondering what made her upset.

Chad hesitated for a moment and said without looking at Hiram,"She ran into Patrick Yan there and saw him eating somebody else's leftovers. She gave him a card. I think she was too softhearted to see him suffer."

Hiram narrowed his eyes and brushed his nose with his finger. After a long pause, he asked,"Did you hear what they were talking about?"

"Rachel said she wouldn't stand by without doing anything, even if it was not Patrick, but someone else she knew," Chad answered Hiram truthfully.

Chad knew that Hiram was scheming to get rid of Patrick and when Rachel was talking with him, he had half a mind to stop her.

But he didn't on second thoughts.

"Did Patrick tell her that it was me who put him in such a position?" Hiram asked as he rolled down the window shades, looking at the city lights.

"Yes, he did. But Rachel said the winner took it all and business was a war without bullets," Chad said frankly. But at the same time, he feared Hiram and Rachel would argue because of this incident.

Hiram opened the door, stepped one leg off and said,"Go back and take a good rest. Wait for my call tomorrow."

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