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   Chapter 262 Prepare Salad For Her

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Hiram smiled and gave her a warm, loving look. He knew well she was joking. How could the babies hurt each other, if they weren`t even able to stretch freely in the limited space of her belly?

"Don't stay up too late, darling. Come on." In the meantime he tried to pull her gently into his strong arms only to find out it was nearly impossible to hug her tight because of her adorable big belly.

Rachel preferred to keep some distance from him. She had to lie on her side, instead of on her back. For her own comfort and in order to feel less pain, sometimes she just leaned against the pillow and slept in a half sitting posture.

Watching her tossing and turning like a fish taken out of the water, Hiram asked,"What's wrong, babe? You can't fall asleep? Are you feeling OK?"

"I'm fine. Recently I haven't been able to sleep well at night, but this is normal for the late pregnancy period." Her speech was as slow as her movements too, giving out a tell-tale sign that her body was greatly burdened. She couldn't fall asleep at all, so she decided to sit up and put a cushion under her legs, hoping to discover a more comfortable position.

As Rachel had to get up frequently at night to go to the bathroom, she slept on the outer side of the bed.

Still lying in bed, Hiram observed his lovely woman for a while. Not long after, he felt very sad and even guilty for everything her fragile body needed to put up with every night. So he quickly sat up too and took her into his arms. 'Poor Rachel', he thought to himself, 'she has suffered so long and never did she mention any word about it.'

After midnight, Rachel finally fell asleep.

In the morning, Hiram sneaked silently out of bed, being very careful not to wake Rachel up. He put his clothes on without making any noise at all and then walked into his study.

He picked up the phone and called Chad,"Hey, listen, I would like to go to Salt Sea City at ten in the morning. Could you, please, arrange the trip for me?"

"Okay. Is Rachel travelling with you? Do you need a more spacious car?" Chad asked.

"Yes. I'll take her with me so she can relax. In the meantime I have something else I need to deal with there."

"Okay. I'll arrange it right away."

After hanging up, Hiram turned on the computer to check his e-mail box. He replied quickly to several e-mails, then switched the PC off and walked out of the study.

Suddenly he smelled a nice and delicious aroma floating through the whole house. When Hiram went downstairs, the maid was already preparing the breakfast.

"Good morning, Mr. Rong!" she greeted him, no

itedly, as she'd been wanting to visit it for a long time. Unfortunately, last time, she had only stayed three days at her aunt's home. Ever since coming back to H City, she missed the Salt Sea city scenery so much.

"Yes. I've prepared some gifts, which you can take to your aunt's home if you want to visit her," Hiram said. His lips curled up in exhilarated, blissful smile, while watching the excitement glowing on her pretty face.

"Yes! I go there so seldom. I need to visit her for sure," said Rachel immediately, with fast beating heart. She had bothered her aunt for several days last time and it would be great to pay her a visit now and surprise her with some nice gifts.

It was already noon when they reached Salt Sea City.

They decided to have lunch outside first and visit Rachel's aunt in the afternoon.

A natural leader and planner, Hiram had already booked a restaurant on the way there. He loved taking care of his lady.

"Rachel, please, go ahead. I just saw an acquaintance of mine and I'll go over to greet him." Hiram said after all the dishes had been served.

In her current state of almost constantly feeling hungry to death, Rachel nodded fast without thinking too much. She held up the chopsticks and was ready to start enjoying the tasty treats.

Hiram came out of the restaurant's box and walked into the box next door.

"Mr. Rong! Welcome! Come in, please. I have ordered some specialties." Preston Yan stood up and immediately came over to greet him.

Hiram walked towards the sofa and sat down opposite Preston. He didn't eat anything, but lit up a cigarette instead. "Mr. Yan, please speak straight to the point. I have to handle something else later on and won't have lunch here."

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