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   Chapter 261 Fetal Movements

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"Let's go," Hiram said as he stepped out from the washroom to the lobby and habitually held his wife's waist with his hand, leading her to the outside of the corridor.

When they were in the car, Rachel asked after a slight of hesitation,"I heard that Patrick has been kicked out from his family. Is that true?" Rachel knew that Hiram didn't like to hear her mention Patrick in front of him, but she started the conversation out of curiosity.

"Yup, it's true," Hiram replied as he was rolling up his sleeves and adjusted himself to a comfortable position so that he could well support Rachel, who was leaning against him. "His elder brother has always been jealous of him and wanted to replace him as the leader of their family business. Patrick made a bad decision in work, so his brother seized the opportunity and kicked him out," Hiram continued.

However, Hiram hid some details, which only a few people knew about.

Preston, Patrick's brother, had come to Hiram to ask for his assistance to get rid of Patrick.

Since Patrick had always been his main rival in the business, Hiram agreed to cooperate with him. People say that you need to be friends with those who have the same enemy in order to be stronger.

Preston was a narrow-minded man, and had limited knowledge of business. Even if he became the leader of his family business, he was not competent enough to lead the company to become more powerful.

However, Patrick was more capable and courageous. Although he was inexperienced in business, he was innovative and powerful in actions. He was willing and brave to accept risks. If he were given the chance to continue leading the company, he would become Hiram's biggest opponent in the future.

In order to avoid the issue that he would face in future, Hiram finally decided to give Preston a hand in his fight against Patrick. Hence, here was Patrick who had been defeated.

Rachel nodded her head and replied,"Oh..."

Fate had made its own arrangement. Hiram gave a helping hand to Patrick's opponent, while his wife gave Patrick who was in trouble a helping hand by accident. That was very interesting.

"Why? Are you worried about him?" Hiram asked, staring at Rachel, who was lost in her thought.

"No, he is a nobody to me. Why would I bother myself to worry about him?" replied Rachel immediately. "I'm just thinking about the uncertainty of life. When I first met Patrick, he was a successful and proud businessman, but suddenly he suffered a crushing defeat, and became miserable and distressed like a homeless beggar."

"That's what life has always been. Patrick has been too ambitious and always gone against Streams Company. Anyhow, this result is a good news for us as well as for our business," Hiram said as he tightened his grasp on Rachel's palm. "Stop thinking about another man or being sympathetic

eside Rachel. He held Rachel with one of his arms, while massaging her belly with the other one as he usually did.

Suddenly, after he touched Rachel's tummy, he sat up out of shock and stared at Rachel,"Honey, are you okay? Are you going to give birth? Why are they moving so frequently?" Hiram stared at Rachel's belly anxiously, asking a series of questions.

Rachel laughed out at her husband's intense reaction. "Don't be shocked, dear. This is what we say fetal movement. In my stage of pregnancy, the babies become more active," Rachel explained.

"Those are fetal movements?" Hiram repeated the words uncertainly. He raised up Rachel's pajamas and began to observe her belly. He saw it was waving when the babies were moving.

It was amazing. He was excited, for he had never seen fetal movements before.

"Honey, is it really all right? I'm worried that they may hurt your womb by kicking so strongly and frequently," asked Hiram anxiously.

"No worry, dear. They're just stretching themselves to be relaxed. They won't hurt me and themselves," Rachel replied with a smile, touching her belly to feel the movements of the babies.

Hiram continued to observe and look at the movements in his wife's belly for a few more minutes. Then he lay down and asked again,"There're two babies in the narrow space of your womb. If one stretches out its hand or foot, it may hurt the other one. Do you think that's possible?"

"Um, it's really difficult to explain about that. Why don't you just ask them when they come out?" Rachel didn't know how to answer her husband's weird question. Hiram had always been wise and competent. Rachel didn't expect there would be a time when he acted in such a childish manner. Thinking of that, she couldn't help but laugh. She thought that her husband might be a wise man when he was dealing with works, but when in front of her, he was like a big kid.

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