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   Chapter 259 Honey, I Am Back

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"No, I'm willing to do this! Mrs. Rong, I'm Liz Yuan. I'm so sorry for offending you few days ago, and even death cannot atone for my offence. I've been driven out by the Zhou family because of this incident, Mrs. Rong..."

Liz Yuan knelt still her knees on the ground and refused to stand up, head down and shoulders bowed. She begged Rachel in a pathetic voice, eyes filled with tears,"Mrs. Rong, it's all my fault! I should be seriously punished for what I have done! Mrs. Rong, could you forgive me as I'm a pregnant woman like you? Please do give me a way of living. Mrs. Rong, I know you must be a magnanimous person. Just forgive me, okay?

The Zhou family has known that it is me who ruined the cooperative relationship between the Streams Company and the Zhou family. My husband scolded me, and even hit me. And after that, he even cruelly kicked me out of the house! I... I'm now with my baby in my belly. We have no place to go!"

Liz Yuan burst into convulsive sobs and continued,"Mrs. Rong... Please, I beg you. Can you just speak to Mr. Rong and let him continue his cooperation with the Zhou family? Please give me and my child a way to go for the sake of mercy, please!"

As she said these words, Liz Yuan started kowtowing on the ground, despite of her big belly due to the pregnancy.

She was actually not the first wife of her husband. Her husband married her only because she was pregnant. It was obvious that her position was insecure now, and this accident even made her situation worse. After her husband knew that, he immediately lost his temper and furiously scolded her.

After that, her husband found his company ran into serious cash-flow problems. On that night, he drank too much and when he came back home, he scolded and hit her, chasing her out of the house.

The woman's kowtowing sound was made each time her head reached the ground and it made Rachel gradually frown. When she was intended to call someone to lift the pregnant woman up, Fannie got out from her room as she heard the noise outside.

"Rachel, just let her do that if she'd like to. Remember, a person's poor situation can always attribute to his own fault. No one else created her misery but herself, so you have no duty to forgive her and she has no right to force you to forgive her!" uttered Fannie baldly, holding Rachel's arm to take her to the bedroom.

But Rachel held Fannie back and halted. Then she looked at Liz Yuan, persuading,"Stop kowtowing with your head. Hiram is out of country, so I can't help you now either. It's all up to him."

Liz Yuan, hearing what Rachel said, immediately stopped kowtowing. She raised her inflamed forehead, which seemed really red, and then she looked up to Rachel.

"Mrs. Rong, do you mean that you have agreed to help me?" stuttered Liz Yuan in excitement.

Rachel sh

be blushed. Fannie couldn't help pressing her smiling and said,"Both of you can be even sweeter in your room. Don't show it off to the others and make people feel jealous, okay?"

Rachel, who was still surprised for Hiram's sudden appearance, totally forgot that Liz Yuan was till kneeling on the ground. Meanwhile, Hiram cheerfully lifted her up, and walked to the ward.

"Mrs. Rong! Mr.... Mr. Rong... I beg you, please don't discontinue your cooperation with the Zhou Group. I'm just a pregnant woman and I really have no way to go. Could you have empathy upon a pregnant woman like me?"

Liz Yuan felt so surprised when she got to know the handsome man was no other than Mr. Rong. She never expected that the well-known president of the Streams Company could be so young and love his wife so much. It was obvious that this man was much better than her husband!

However, she didn't want to give up the opportunity, so she quickly yelled to Rachel and Hiram.

Only now did Hiram cast a glance over the woman kneeling on the floor. After that, he winked at the bodyguard who was standing behind him, so the bodyguard quickly came to Liz Yuan, tightly grasped her arm to force her to stand up and lifted her out.

"Mrs. Rong! Please, say something for me, okay? Please!" cried Liz Yuan loudly as she realized that things were not running according to what she expected.

Rachel looked at Hiram.

Hiram held Rachel's waist gently and caressed her belly as his babies were inside, then he uttered in an extremely cold voice,"Don't come here to bother my wife again in the days ahead! Otherwise, it will be difficult for the Zhou Group to survive in the following days, not to speak of its cooperation with my company."

"Take her away!" Hiram roared furiously.

The bodyguard no longer stood there. He immediately seized Liz Yuan's arms and dragged her out of the door.

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