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   Chapter 258 Rachel Got Mad

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"Hey, honey! What's happening?" Hiram picked up the phone and asked.

He was in the middle of a meeting so he had ignored several calls before Rachel's, but he answered her call without any hesitation.

Rachel was sitting on the bed in her ward and looking at the full moon outside when Hiram answered. She took several deep breaths to hold back her tears and said,"Do not call me honey! I'm tired of being your wife! I can't bear this anymore!"

Hiram was speechless. He wondered how to answer Rachel.

He gestured his assistant to take a coffee break. "Honey, please tell me what happened. Why are you so angry at me?" Hiram pleaded to Rachel after he walked out of the meeting room..

Tears ran down Rachel's cheeks the moment she heard his voice. This time, she didn't want to be tactful. She had been tactful for so long and it was enough.

"Hiram, tell me when are you going to come back? I miss you so badly!"

Rachel asked him very directly.

"As soon as possible, honey. Is everything okay? What's troubling you?" Hiram asked nervously and the next thing he heard was Rachel's crying.

Rachel sniffed and pulled off a tissue to wipe off her tears. "Hiram, don't you understand? I really need you to be here now!" she sobbed out.

"You have no idea how much I miss you!

I feel so hurt every time I see other pregnant women having their husbands around to help them. Why did you ever leave me?

I am so jealous of the women with husbands. Why did you ever do this to me?

I'm so scared! I'm scared that you won't be here when I'm delivering the babies. If you're not here, I don't think I will have the courage to face it alone!"

It would take Hiram more than ten hours to travel from Washington to H City. Even a slight delay would result in Rachel having to go through the childbirth all by herself.

Rachel didn't know whether Hiram was listening. She didn't care. She hung up her phone after she blurted out what she wanted to say.

She lost herself in thoughts looking at the bright moon in the sky, She knew she was being emotional, but she didn't want to hide her true feelings from him anymore.

She noticed that she had changed a lot since they got married. She didn't know when and how, bu

inspect the babies' heart rates and her health every day. The hospital was a boring place to stay, but she felt at ease during her stay.

One week passed without much happening.

After the color ultrasound, Doctor Huang told Rachel that everything was great and she had enough amniotic fluid. The babies were doing good, which relieved her.

If she could hold on to the fluid without leaking, it was good for the babies.

"Please let me come in! I have something to say to Mrs. Rong! Please!

All I have is a few words! I won't do anything that will hurt her!"

Rachel was going back to her ward when she saw a woman had been stopped by the security. She seemed pregnant as well and she pulled the security's shirt, begging him again and again.

"Mrs. Rong!"

The woman yelled as she saw Rachel.

Rachel noticed that she looked familiar and then remembered that it was the woman she ran into at the temple of XH Village. But what was she doing here?

She couldn't watch another pregnant woman being treated like that. She gestured the security to let the woman in.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

As the woman walked closer, Rachel saw that she was ragged, unlike the pretty woman she had met in the temple. The woman kneeled down on the ground suddenly, taking Rachel by surprise!

This was the second time she had kneeled down in front of Rachel.

"Mrs. Rong, listen to me!" she screamed.

Rachel frowned and said,"If you want me to listen, please stand up."

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