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   Chapter 257 The Babies Were About To Be Born

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Rachel walked inside and stood in front of Fannie. "Mom, please! Tell me everything. It affects my entire life! Don't hide secrets from me anymore, please!" she pleaded.

She was shocked when Fannie said that she would prefer to die for her.

'There must have been a very big reason for it, ' Rachel thought.

Rachel knew that she should't have taken the problem as serious as she did. After all, whatever happened to Landy in the past, happened years ago and had no relevance now.

'Does mom really have some hidden secret that is big enough for Gavin to have the right to torment her like this?' she wondered.

Letting her thoughts run wild as she did, Rachel couldn't help but push the door open to ask Fannie and clarify the truth.

"Rachel, it's not that serious, honestly. I blurted out some nonsense when I heard that your father-in-law kept asking your Aunt Holly about the past," Fannie answered, trying to calm herself down.

Rachel stared at her and immediately said,"Mom, why are you still trying to hide something from me?

If I had known about what happened between Landy and dad, I wouldn't have agreed to marry Hiram in the first place. You shouldn't hide the truth from me anymore. It's just causing us more trouble. Tell me what happened, please. I want us to find a solution together. Otherwise, we'll get into trouble again, and then I'm not sure that I will be able to help you."

She might have believed Fannie when she said that it wasn't a big deal before, but now, things were different.

If it was that simple, then why would Gavin still hold onto it the way he did today?

Could it be because he wasn't open-minded enough? Why was Fannie reluctant to tell her the truth?

Fannie turned her head away in an attempt to avoid looking into Rachel's eyes and tried to avoid the question altogether.

For a while, Fannie remained speechless. Rachel seemed very worried about what her mom didn't want to tell her.

She had a bad feeling about it in her gut.

"Mom... Is it because I'm not your daughter, and you've been trying to hide it from me all this time?"

Fannie's silence just continued to increase Rachel's sense of suspicion.

Could the truth perhaps be that she was Hiram's cousin, and her mother dared not admit it?

Holly stopped her and said,"Rachel, don't talk nonsense like that. I can assure you that you are your mother's biological daughter. Don't you dare believe those stories!"

Hearing this, Rachel felt relieved. She turned to Holly and asked,"Aunt Holly, you mus

ng dropped all of her work, and immediately attended to Rachel. She was her priority patient.

"There are frequent contractions, but I can't tell whether they're false or not. Just stay at our hospital tonight, so that you can deliver the babies here, in case you're experiencing real contractions." Dr. Huang said, after checking her status.

Rachel, who was lying on the bed, grabbed the doctor with her hand and said with hesitation in her voice,"Dr. Huang, can you help me keep these babies in my womb for a little longer? The scheduled delivery time hasn't even arrived yet and I don't want them to be born early."

In fact, that wasn't the only reason for her request.

Hiram hadn't come back yet, and she didn't want to do it without him.

Rachel hoped that he would be there with her when the babies were born.

"Mrs. Rong, don't worry. These look like false contractions, which many women experience. Therefore, it doesn't mean that the babies will be born sooner than we expect them to. According to your physical status, the babies won't be delivered in at least a week's time. So, you don't have to worry about it one bit." Dr. Huang patted her on the back of her hand and assured her.

Rachel nodded and felt relieved.

She was sent to the intensive care unit, after going through the regular hospital formalities.

She knew that she was in a good hospital. After a while, Joanna visited her.

At night, Rachel felt depressed, despite of her cozy inpatient ward.

She felt as though her heart was empty, and something seemed missing.

Finally, she dialed Hiram's phone number without even caring whether he was at work or not.

She needed to talk to him.

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