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   Chapter 256 She Wasn't A Member Of The Rong Family

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"Mrs. Rong! I want to apologize for what I have done! I was ignorant. I beg your pardon! I feel extremely sorry and stupid now. Could you please find it in your heart to forgive me, and not terminate your contract with the Zhou family? If not, then I won't be welcomed in the Zhou family whatsoever..."

Carl stepped forward to avoid Rachel from being offended by the pregnant lady who had challenged Rachel in the temple. He then said to Rachel,"Rachel, just leave her alone, please. A woman like her should pay for what she has done. She doesn't deserve any pity from you at all."

"It's true, Rachel. I also saw what she did today. She deserves to learn a lesson. Otherwise, she will continue to bully others who are below her!" said Fannie, who was walking towards Rachel.

What Carl said, was right. Cooperating with them, had a negative effect on the name of their family!

Rachel glanced over at the woman, thinking, 'She should pay for what she has done today. If she were just forgiven, she would display the image that anyone could harm people as they please.'

"Let's leave here, my daughter." Fannie pulled Rachel away from the woman.

"Mom, since I am back, I want to go to the Rong house. Could you please find the time today, to accompany me?" Rachel thought that she should go there to have a look at Hiram's home. That was why she asked Fannie to keep her company.

Since she was a member of the Rong family, the Rong house was also regarded as her home.

"You should visit it. However, I won't go with you again, as an old friend of mine is coming to visit me today. So, I will have to go home and welcome her. Can't Carl accompany you?" Fannie explained. Her friend had already arrived and was waiting for her at the gate of her house.

"Okay, I will go with Carl." Rachel said to Fannie as she left, and walked up to Carl.

Rachel returned to the Rong house.

"Mrs. Rong, it's great that you are back once again! Please, mind the steps and be careful."

The doorkeeper smiled at her and continued to speak,"Mr. Rong is also back. He is at the pavilion as we speak."

Hearing his words, Rachel looked at the pavilion. The east side was completely surrounded by willows. She found Gavin sitting on a cane chair, sipping on a cup of tea.

Making her way on the blue-stone pavement, Rachel finally got closer to the octagonal pavilion.

"Father, it's wonderful that you are here today!"

Gavin was sipping on his tea. Noticing her arrival, he greeted Rachel in a polite manner,"Rachel, it's good to see you back here. Why don't you take a seat, butler?"

The butler came over immediately, as per Gavin's request. Facing Rachel, he bowed to her, and asked,"Mrs. Rong, can I fix you a drink?"

"Yes, a glass of lemonade, please," said Rachel. She then looked over at Gavin, who was sitting on the cane chair that was opposite from her.

Gavin grabbed his hookah from the t

all of this and so is Rachel.

If you aren't able to keep the secret, you should tell the truth to the Rong family. Whatever the outcome is, I will accept it."

The conversation regarding a secret was overheard by Rachel, who was still standing at the door. It made her feel uneasy.

Her mother was still hiding something from her!

What could it possibly be? The affair between her father and Landy had already been revealed to her. She didn't understand what they were talking about. Her mother wasn't to blame for it at all, but why did it sound as though she felt guilty?

"Fannie, Hiram married Rachel, and they will have babies of their own soon. If the secret comes out, then, how would they deal with it?

Besides, Rachel cares a lot about you. How do you think she'd feel if she knows the truth?"

Holly said. Fannie then had a sense of deep sadness in the tone of her voice, saying,"So, what else could I do to correct the situation? Gavin has already pressed me into telling the truth, and if I don't, then he will never let me off the hook. He asked his men to ruin my restaurant and forced me to leave H City. His actions showcased nothing but trouble for me. He was trying to give me a warning.

It's not that I am afraid. I'm actually not scared of anything now! My only hope is that he doesn't blame Rachel for it. Other than that, I will accept the consequences of my actions. I am going to kill myself for the mistakes I caused, should he ask me to do so!"

While they were talking, the door suddenly opened.

The two women looked at the door in fear, just to find Rachel standing in the doorway staring at Fannie.


"Rachel? What... What are you doing here?" Fannie was extremely shocked.

She immediately stood up from her chair and looked at Rachel. She was worried, as she didn't know how long Rachel had been listening to their conversation at the door, nor how much she had already known.

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