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   Chapter 255 Using Money To Buy People's Submission

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She called Carl straight away, as she now had nothing with her, except her phone. Carl was standing outside the gate of the temple, carrying her bag and waiting for her.

"Carl, I need you to come inside the temple now," she said and continued,"yes, I'll wait for you here."

When she hung up the phone, the young lady's servant smiled dismissively and sneered. "Madam, did you hear what she just said? If I hadn't heard her words, I wouldn't have known just how ignorant a countrywoman could be. How dare she make those statements?"

"Mina, don't waste time on her, please. She just wants to get more money out of us. Is that it? Well, then give her more money and make her leave. My legs are beginning to feel sore after standing for such a long time. I want to offer the incense to the Goddess. How can you make me wait so long?" The young pregnant lady said arrogantly, losing her patience.

"Butler Ken, please come in here quickly. It doesn't matter how much money you have now, give it all to that woman and make her wait outside! Oh, what an atrocious countrywoman! She's causing me a lot of trouble," said the fat servant named Mina, looking at Rachel in a despicable manner.

The young lady's butler walked in, handed all the money to Rachel and scolded her with a troublesome look. "Take the money! Get out of the temple and wait outside!"

Rachel reached out her hand. It seemed as though she was about to take the money from his hand. After all, there was a thick stack of cash in his hand that seemed extremely attractive to her. However, when the butler loosened his grip, Rachel retracted her hand. The money scattered everywhere, and finally fell down on the ground.

"I'm sorry. That's all the money you have? It's too little. You're very rich, right? It's all good then. Give me one million dollars. If you're able to give it to me, I'll agree to leave here and wait outside as you please!" said Rachel, amused. She raised her hand and blew off the incense ashes.

She was still holding the incense because there was no time for her to offer it to the Goddess.

"You! You have an insatiable appetite for money! You have gone way too far. One million! Do you think that you possess the power to deceive us, on account of our generosity? How dare you!" Mina glared at Rachel. Her eyes narrowed because she couldn't believe what she just heard.

Rachel flicked the incense ashes off of her clothes and said calmly,"You don't have that much money, right? So, it must mean that you are still not rich. So, how come you think that you can reserve a holy place all to yourself? We're in a temple, not in your private place. Each devout disciple can come here as and when they please.

If you want people to respect you, you should learn to respect them first."

At that moment, Carl found the temple Rachel was in and entered it.

"Rachel, you haven't finished offering the incense? How come?" said Carl. He looked around at the other people who were standing beside, glaring at the cash on the ground. The atmosphere seemed rather unpleasant.

Rachel turned around, held the incense and walked up to the table in front of the statue of Goddess. Then she inserted three sticks of incense into the incense burner.

Please wait outside. Don't stay here and disturb Mrs. Rong while she offers incense!" The manager waved his hand to the three people who stood near the table. It was a sign that clearly showed that he wanted them to leave first.

"It's not right! I mean, we came here first, so that my madam could offer her incense first."

Before the servant was done speaking, Carl couldn't help but cut off her words when he heard what she said. Needless to say, he grew impatient quickly.

"Do you have brain damage? Why can't you think for yourself? You're aware who Mrs. Rong is, yet you're still continuing to interfere with her. You're in the XH Village now, where the house of the Rong family is respected. Besides, Streams Company is owned by the Rong family. So, the lady who is standing in front of you is Mrs. Rong, the CEO's wife of Streams Company!

Although she is the CEO's wife, she came here quietly to offer the incense. However, you've proceeded to disrupt the peace. You gave those who wanted to offer their incense before you money, to buy their submission! Now, I can tell you in all honesty, that the contract between the Zhou family's company and Streams Company will be terminated as soon as word reaches Mr. Rong. Cooperating with people like you will only bring shame on both him and the family name!"

As he finished his sentence, he let the manager make the three people leave the temple. He didn't want to see them any longer than he should have to.

Before leaving for his business trip, Hiram told Carl that he shouldn't show any mercy to those who made Rachel upset.

After Carl finished speaking, the three people were astonished and remained in the room for a while before leaving. They didn't recover from the shock caused by Carl's harsh words, until they were pulled out of the temple. They then realized what they had done wrong, and how much trouble they had brought upon the Zhou family.

After they left, the temple was quiet once again. Rachel continued with the worship devoutly.

When Rachel walked out of the temple, the pregnant lady, who had confronted Rachel, suddenly rushed up to her and knelt before her feet.

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