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   Chapter 254 Visiting The Temple In XH Village

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Rachel decided to stay at the Tulip Palace, due to her pregnancy.

At this stage, she was already six months pregnant, and because she was expecting twins, her belly was even bigger than other pregnant women's bellies. Hiram requested for Dr. Huang to visit Rachel at home every few days, to inspect whether both she and the babies were healthy. This way, she also didn't have to go to the hospital herself.

"Mrs. Rong, the babies are doing extremely well. Now, all you need to do is rest. Please don't stay up at all hours of the night, and ensure you take a little walk every day. Your babies should be ready for birth within a month. Dr. Huang said confidently, as she packed his fetal heart monitor in a medical bag.

Touching her big belly, Rachel asked,"What? There's only one month left to go? I remember the book I read suggests that the pregnancy should last at least a term of nine months."

"Books won't teach you all you need to know, Mrs. Rong. Twins usually can't wait nine months. In fact, they can hardly stay inside a woman's belly for eight months. Thus, the most important thing for you to do is to keep them inside for as long as you can. Twins tend to grow faster, and the longer they remain inside your uterus, the more developed and healthier they'll be." Doctor Huang explained to Rachel with a smile.

Rachel nodded while gazing at her belly. She felt relaxed when she heard the babies' heart rate beating rhythmically.

She had experienced a lot since getting pregnant.

After the doctor left, she sent the babies' heartbeat recording to Hiram.

A few minutes later, she received a call from him.

"How are you doing, honey? Are you sure everything is okay?" he asked.

"Yes, everything is fine. Did you hear it? You can hear that the one heartbeat was faster than the other, which means they're different." Rachel said, when she placed two cushions underneath her waist, to make herself feel more comfortable.

"Perhaps one of them was sleeping, while the other was playing. There's nothing to worry about," Hiram said. He couldn't help but smile. It was already 10 am in H City and 10 pm in Washington, so Hiram just finished his work.

Rachel thought for a moment, while she gazed at her belly, and said,"Really? I'm wondering how they can live in such a tiny space. It's not one, but two of them! They need to spend at least another one month there."

Hiram laughed and responded to Rachel,"I saw the videos. They can clench their fists, sallow, burp and even kick. I believe that they are enjoying themselves in there."

Hiram never thought that he would watch his babies playing in their mother's womb. However, since Rachel got pregnant, he had placed her and the babies as the priority.

Talking about the babies, Rachel pursed her lips and said,"It's hard to imagine that the babies weren't even able to do all of these things the last time you returned from your business trip, and now they are getting more active each day. It's awful that you haven't seen them like t

the well-dressed woman whom she had met at the entrance before. Once she entered the temple, she noticed her dragging other women who were kneeling in front of the Goddess, shouting,"You've to go outside right now! My lady needs to pray here!

Please excuse us for a moment. We won't let you do this for us for free. Our housekeeper is waiting outside to pay you!

Come here, my lady! This way, please! Let's pray to the Goddess that you'll give birth to a healthy boy, just for your husband!"

People around shook their heads at the scene, but they didn't argue with her since they were already in the temple now.

Walking out of the door, a man wearing glasses was standing with a stack of cash in his hands. Each person was given 100 dollars, as they were forced to leave the temple.

However, Rachel was reluctant to take their money and remained inside.

She ignored what the woman was saying. She took her incense out and lit it up before putting it in the censer in front of the Goddess to start her prayer. Just as she was about to start, she was stopped!

"Didn't you hear me, lady? I said that you have to leave now! My lady should pray first and alone. Do you see the man by the door? He'll pay you. Get out now! You can do whatever you like after we leave. Do you understand?" shouted the middle-aged woman.

She pointed at the man who was wearing a pair of glasses outside and asked Rachel to leave.

Meanwhile, the young woman, who was pregnant too, put one hand on her belly and turned to look at Rachel impatiently. It seemed as though she wouldn't pray unless Rachel left the temple.

Rachel raised her eyebrows. She had to stay and see the Goddess of Mercy. If she didn't have to, she would go to the ancestral temple of the Rong Family. She also considered going to the temple that was available for the villagers.

"Would you wait outside if I pay you? That's it, right? I'll pay you. You just have to wait outside, please. You can come back in after I leave," she said loudly.

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