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   Chapter 253 Saving The Man

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"This may be the only time in your life to give birth to children, but too bad Hiram is not at your side at this crucial moment. Rachel, I feel pretty aggrieved for you."

In an ordinary family, the husband was able to come home to look after his pregnant wife even after a whole day's work. Now Rachel was having two babies in her stomach, but she had no one to rely on and had no chance to act like a spoiled child in front of her husband as to get some attention.

Rachel lapsed into silence for a while.

Hiram had come back for three or four times. Rachel knew he had tried his best to make his time available for her immediately when he had any free time. He spent his only free time returning home just to keep her company. So she tried to do everything herself as long as she could rather than bother Hiram.

"Look at other couples. Once the wife says that there's something she wants to eat, the husband will immediately go out to get for her. But when you're craving to eat something, has Hiram done the same thing for you?" Celine was pouting her mouth and grumbled.

"It's not because he doesn't buy for me. It's because I always keep back my cravings and don't need him to buy anything for me. Most of the time he'd only be able to stay at home for a day. I don't want him to go out again..." explained Rachel with her chin in her palm. Twenty-four hours in a day was too less for her, and sometimes she couldn't even remember to do some little things.

"Alright, Celine. It's late now. You go on with your work and I'll go back first."

Celine nodded her head and said,"Okay, I'll accompany you to downstairs."

Carl had driven the car to the entrance. Rachel got on Carl's car and waved to Celine to say goodbye. "Carl, let's go," she uttered.

Carl was driving slowly along the road, and Rachel got lost in her thought about what Celine said just now. Most of the time she felt so wronged yet helpless because there was no one for her to understand her feelings. It was obviously useless to speak it out as Hiram was not at her side.

Every time when Hiram came back, even though he didn't say much, she could still see that Hiram was actually feeling sorry for her and he was not willing to leave her alone. Her grievance always vanished whenever she looked into his eyes. It was like a magic.

She believed all these were worth it.

She could clearly feel Hiram's love and caring for her and she knew she was the most important person in his heart.

All of these were more th

e hospital first."

At the H City Hospital.

Patrick had had two emergency surgeries. There were multiple fractures in both his legs and rib, and his spleen was hurt too. If he hadn't been sent to the hospital on time, he would probably have been dead.

Knowing that Patrick was still in a coma but had been out of danger, Rachel finally could set her mind at ease. "Carl, we can go now," uttered Rachel.

Rachel and Carl left the hospital together.

Soon after they left, Patrick woke up.

He opened his eyes slowly, staring at the white ceiling, Patrick took a long time to recall how he came here with his addled brain.

Right after Patrick was awake, a nurse immediately walked to him saying,"Oh, finally you're awake. Listen, you can't move freely right now, so don't be so anxious to get up, okay?"

Patrick struggled for a while but he found that he had no strength to sit up at all. Then he asked the nurse,"Where is the person who sent me here?"

"Do you refer to the pregnant lady? She left just now. By the way, she has paid your medical fee. She told me to give this to you and she also let you take good care of yourself."

The nurse answered, and gave him an envelop.

Patrick raised the only hand that he could move and took the envelop. As he touched it, he knew it was a stack of money.

He had already lost his phone and credit card, hence money was definitely what he needed the most.

His consciousness had slowly faded before he fell in a faint, so he could only rarely see that the woman who saved him was pregnant.

Patrick distantly felt that the woman who saved him was so familiar.

'Is she really Rachel?' he wondered.

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