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   Chapter 252 You Must Marry Me

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Gina seemed well-trained in martial arts. She grabbed Hearst by the throat immediately, then propped one hand on the wall and asked,"Mr. Weirdo, since you hate me so much, why did you sleep with me that night?

I said very clearly that the one I love is Hiram Rong, not a playboy like you!" she barked. "If you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have slept with you!

But now that it has happened, you must marry me!" she demanded, giving Hearst a shock.

Looking at the valiant girl, Hearst was taken aback. But he recovered and replied,"Miss Kang, can you please let me go? You're asking me to marry you, but if you kill me, you'll have no one to marry!"

Gina took her hand off him and tightened her ponytail. "I don't care! It could be good news for me if you're dead," she said.

Gina seemed aggressive, but she was actually a soft-hearted girl. Rachel had changed her origianal impression of her and felt sorry for her when she heard what had passed between Gina and Hearst.

Other women wouldn't have chased a man like this. And for the sake of fame, they would have swallowed the insult silently instead of publicising the fact that the man had slept with them. But Gina seemed to take this matter very seriously. From the manner she spoke and acted, Rachel judged that she was not scheming.

Gina turned to Rachel and said,"Mrs. Rong, there is one thing I must explain to you.

I had just come back from abroad before the party. I didn't know that Hiram was going to get married, so I was attracted to Hearst when he lied to me with sweet words... The next morning, I rushed to your wedding when I heard that Hiram was getting married to another woman.

I apologize to you and Hiram sincerely for what I did on that day. I'm so sorry!"

She made a very low bow to Rachel as she finished speaking.

"Come on! It's fine! Gina, you're a lovely girl! I'll be glad if you marry Hearst!" Rachel smiled as she spoke and came over to Gina.

Hearst frowned. "Rachel, what are you doing? You're ruining my life! You don't understand!

I grew up with Hiram and I regard him as my elder brother. As my sister-in-law, you shouldn't treat me like this!" he protested.

Rachel smiled and replied,"How can I be ruining your life? Gina is a nice girl. You should cherish her."

Rachel spoke from the bottom of her heart. Hearst was very lucky to meet such a nice g

gain weight even if she was to overeat. Since she had got pregnant, she didn't look different except that her face was getting round.

Looking at the well-kept office, Rachel felt relieved. She had wanted the studio business to succeed earnestly.

"Celine, the studio business wouldn't have grown so fast if not for you," she said.

Celine handed Rachel a glass of fruit juice and said,"My pleasure. You're a great friend and you gave us shares from the business early on. Of course, it is my duty to keep the trust you have in me."

Rachel had given her more shares than to anyone else and entrusted her with the most important work. As the general manager, it was her duty to do her best to grow the studio.

"For each month, I've transferred the net profit to your account, after deducting the operational costs. I know you're a rich woman and won't have any urgent need of money, so I didn't tell you about it. That bank card is at the drawer of the office."

Rachel was astonished. She held Celine's hand and said gratefully,"I'm so moved! I'll treat you a feast tonight."

Celine was happy to see Rachel's gratitude. But she shook her shoulders and said,"Sorry, but I can't. I have to work overtime tonight to handle an urgent order. You should take good care of yourself and give birth to the babies smoothly. Don't worry about anything else right now." she said.

Rachel's eyes started welling up when she looked at her belly.

"Rachel, Hiram has been away for about three months now. When would he be coming back?" Celine asked, feeling worried about Rachel.

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