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   Chapter 251 I Don't Want You To Leave

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In the previous round, Rachel was the first one being killed. Thus, she was very determined to turn the tide and kill all of the people at present this round.

Hiram didn't aim for a far target. He straight away killed Luke who was sitting next to him.

When the carpet was being stepped, it would not produce any sound, hence everything was done in a silence and a peaceful atmosphere.

"Day breaks, please open your eyes."

Once Luke opened up his eyes, he found himself killed. Then he stood up immediately and started to look at each of them one-by-one. He was finding out the murderer, then his finger pointed at Hiram. "Hiram! Obviously, I know it must be you taking revenge on me! That's why you killed me in this round, did't you?"

Hiram shrugged his shoulder and smiled with flagging interest. "You can say it all. You did that too in the first round, didn't you? Yet, what was the result? Do you think it's gonna work for the second time?"

Once Luke finished his last words, Gary immediately put a tape over Luke's mouth to stick on it and Luke whimpered pitiful and glared resolutely at Gary.

Daniel looked around to each of them and his vision stopped at Rachel. "I suspect it was Rachel. She is carrying a smiley face in this round. Obviously, she's the werewolf!"

"What? I don't smile at all! ! Well, I was killed in the first round and was killed by Luke. For sure I was happy to see he got killed this time! Wait Daniel, are you trying to hide something? Huh?

Oh! I knew it. You're werewolf again in this round, am I right?"

Rachel tried her best to hide and defend herself and then she transferred the suspicion and pointed her finger at Daniel surprisingly.

Chad was the last person to vote. He looked around and observed their face expression, and he thought what Rachel said did make sense and was analysed logically. So he pointed his finger at Daniel too.

And finally, Rachel won the game.

Due to the insufficient of players, one round could be finished very quickly. The game was finally being dismissed after they had rejoiced with wild excitement. They then sat together in a circle to have an afternoon tea and some quick chat with each other.

Rachel was lying in Hiram's arms which seemed comfort to her and listening to them silently.

Since Hiram had been busy working for the past few months, he seldom had such casual afternoon like today to sit around and feel relaxing by doing nothing.

He needed to leave by dusk to catch up his plane, so they changed the farewell party from evening to afternoon.

When they went out from the club, the sky was getting dark. Chad drove his car and fetched Hiram to the private jet airport.

Rachel also followed them to send off Hiram's flight.

Since she got into the car, Rachel was hugging Hiram tightly, like a koala. It seemed that Rachel didn't want to let go as she didn't want him to leave. "Hiram, what about we leave together instead of you leaving me here?"

After Hiram listened to her question, Hiram smiled and looked

s engagement idea.

"Hey, hey, both of you enough and calm down okay? You both were just being impolite to Rachel. She's pregnant now. So stop bothering her, okay?"

At this moment, Joanna walked out from her bedroom. Gina and Hearst were so noisy that they woke up the whole Rong family.

"Aunt Joanna, I can't. Gina comes to my house everyday. She has been bothering me since autumn. She's such a pain in the ass. And because of her, I don't even dare to go back to my house now!" Hearst complained to Joanna.

Wasn't he just sleeping with her once, Jesus! It was 21st century now! How could she keep bothering him just because of that?

After listening to his complaint, Joanna clapped her hands and said,"That's easy to solve, Hearst! Marry Gina. Then everything is settled."

"I'll marry G…"

Before Hearst finished his sentence, he realized that Joanna asked him to marry Gina. He retorted immediately,"Wait! Why do I have to marry her? I'm 28 and I'm still young. I don't want to settle yet. I don't have to give up the whole jungle just because of a tree. I can see there are plenty of fishes there in the sea. I don't want to get married at such a young age! It's too early for me to be settled down!"

"Hearst, I asked you to get engaged with Gina not marry her yet. What are you afraid of?" Rachel looked at Hearst and asked, confused.

Hearst had a happy and harmonious family. Rachel couldn't understand why Hearst was so afraid and denied to get married.

Hearst felt embarrassed and he looked at Gina. He was putting his hands in his pockets and said,"Rachel, try to think about it. Now I'm not even engaged, and she's being so annoying and I've lost my freedom. What will my life become if I get engaged or get married?

You know what? I don't like to be told what I can do or what I can't. If she could give me more freedom, I might have considered marrying her..."

Every single word that Hearst said had been heard clearly by Gina.

Gina was so mad that she pushed Hearst to the wall!

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