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   Chapter 250 A Farewell Party For Daniel

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"It is beautiful, indeed. You will stand here again, Daniel. However, you will have your own power to do so in the future. I believe that you will return sooner or later," Rachel said. The view from the French window was extremely beautiful. Anyone who stood here could consider himself to be a king and feel as though he could control the entire world.

"Oh. Well, now I have something to live up to. I will work hard with your blessing," Daniel answered with a smile on his face. Rachel remained in his eyes. She smiled all the time, which appeared even more attractive after becoming pregnant.

Rachel cast a glance at Hiram, who was playing billiards with Luke. She then proceeded to ask Daniel,"Where is Vivian?"

"… We broke up." Daniel answered Rachel's question with a rather flat tone in his voice,"She isn't the one for me. I didn't want to keep her from dating other men and waste her time. That's why I requested that we break up."

Rachel remained silent for a moment, and then said,"Well, it doesn't matter what happened. I'm sure you will find your soulmate. Perhaps I am too romantic, but whatever I say, I truly mean it."

Rachel knew that Hiram took her to the farewell party to say goodbye to Daniel because he helped her before.

"I know you mean it, Rachel. You can't ever be a joker. Your face always displays exactly what you're thinking about." Daniel smiled at her charmingly and went ahead to the billiard table with a cue.

Rachel touched her face and thought to herself. 'Does it?

Wait a second. My face doesn't display my mood, right?'

"Hey, I have an idea! There is one amazing game. How about the six of us play it together?" Luke had already lost to Hiram on the billiard table and felt discouraged from the game. What he said must have just been a mere spur of the moment idea.

Hiram was playing billiards with Daniel. He looked up at Luke and said,"You can just tell me now, whether you can't afford to lose. No matter what game it is, you know you're always the loser."

Luke felt exposed by Hiram. He scratched his head awkwardly and then turned towards Daniel. "Daniel, let's play Werewolves. The billiards gam


Hiram looked at Rachel with his eyes lit up, and explained,"It can't be me. Even if I'm a werewolf, I can't kill her first. She is my wife, and I will keep her alive. Well, at least for two rounds. I suspect Luke too."

"Daniel, please."

Daniel looked over at the other players, gently beating his knees and said,"I agree with Rachel. Hiram is a werewolf."

"Okay. Luke has two votes now, as does Hiram. Luke, who are you going to vote for?" Gary asked.

Without even the slightest hesitation, Luke pointed at Hiram.

"Hiram, out. Go on!"

Although Rachel felt confused during the last round, she understood most of the rules. Their roles were hidden, and no one would say he was a werewolf even if he was. At the same time, they were likely to protect their partners, as a means to protect themselves and strive to obtain their final victory.

Reaching the end of the first round, Gary announced that the werewolves won, which included both Daniel and Luke.

In that moment, Rachel discovered that it was Luke who killed her. He cooperated with Daniel at an earlier time to do so.

Hiram smiled at her without saying a word. Yet, he meant,"Honey, why didn't you believe me?"

The second round began.

Rachel got nervous as she glanced at her poker.

"It's dark. Werewolves, please open your eyes."

Rachel stealthily opened her one eye and saw Hiram open his eyes too. Looking at her, he gave her a hush gesture.

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