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   Chapter 249 Billionaire Club

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Destroying Fannie's restaurant wasn't Gavin's plan. If it was, why would he cause so much trouble to manage one of his own?

"Since you are here now, let's talk this over." Gavin sighed and sat down on a chair. "Hiram, could you please imagine yourself in my shoes for just one second?"

Gavin asked, with a controlled tone in his voice.

Hiram narrowed his intensely dark eyes and looked down at the collection of vintage lighters in the glass cabinet. "Dad, we know that even if the Ruan family was connected to Aunt Landy's death, Simpson already passed away. You must let go of your hatred towards their family. It's water under the bridge.

Rachel is carrying my babies, and they are your grandchildren. Regardless of that, you are still living in the past and conspiring to take revenge out on her mother. Did you ever consider her situation? Or, perhaps even my situation?"

Hearing what Hiram said, Gavin let out a heavy sigh. He held his forehead in his hands and frowned. He then opened his mouth and said,"Of course, I did. However, when I think about the cause of Landy's death, which involved Rachel's parents somehow, I tend to go crazy. I know that, if I just leave it, it will be unfair to Landy."

"Dad, Both Simpson and Landy are dead. If you're planning on living in the past forever, it will only bring pain to those around you. You know, those who are still alive. I understand how you feel, but you shouldn't cause Rachel's mother any harm. Especially, not during Rachel's pregnancy. Otherwise, don't blame me for taking their side. I warned you about this."

Hiram said in a low, deep voice. He lit a cigarette with a vintage copper Givenchy windproof lighter and threw it on the table.

"Don't you worry about it. She's gone back to XH village. Besides, I won't do anything to hurt her until I have hard evidence." Gavin promised.

Hiram cast a glance in Gavin's direction and remained completely silent. He flicked the ash from his cigarette and walked out of his study.

As he closed the door behind him, he saw that Rachel was waiting for him in the hallway.

Rachel took his hand, as they walked back to their room. She closed the door behind her and asked,"How was it? What did he say?"

When she learned that the restaurant was smashed, she couldn't control her rage and had to find a way to control herself. She didn't even feel as though she was able to confront Gavin at all.

"He won't do anything now. It wasn't his plan to destroy the restaurant. It was his men who acted for him without his c

onths. Twins make me look a little bit bigger."

Luke patted Hiram's shoulder and teased,"Speed is the soldier's asset. You've already managed to get married before me, and now you are going to be a father too? It's a clear case of making a single man like me feel miserable!"

Hiram glanced at him and gave a crooked smile. He stood up to reserve a cue on the shelf and responded,"I don't recall anything being fair in the world. I am always one step ahead of you, and now I am two steps. It's no big deal."

"Hey, Daniel, listen to what he just said! I reckon he will be even prouder after his children are born! Okay, I need to find myself a woman! My mother was nagging me about going on blind dates just two days ago. I can't believe I refused!"

Luke took out his phone and prepared to make some calls. He wanted to arrange a few ladies for the evening, the evening after tomorrow and then the one after that.

He had to catch up with Hiram.

Daniel walked across the room to open the French windows' curtains, and said,"Good! I wish you all the success in the world!"

Rachel hadn't been here before. Once Daniel drew the spiral curtains back, she was stunned by the scenery, which displayed a view of the entire H city.

"It's beautiful, right? Not just anybody can have access to this view. If it weren't for Hiram, Gary and I wouldn't be permitted to come in here whatsoever." Daniel folded his arms and stood at the window. He looked down at the city's view. The buildings appeared extremely small from the club.

This place wasn't made for ordinary rich men. Only ultra-rich men with a strong title, could access it.

In H city, that meant no one but the Rong family.

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