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   Chapter 248 A Brief Reunion

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 9265

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During the afternoon, Dr. Huang examined Rachel again. She didn't want Rachel to go back home until she made 100% sure that everything was fine with her and the babies.

Shirley was taken away by Rachel's security guards. Rachel didn't ask them where they were taking her. All she knew was that Hiram would deal with it. She wasn't even sure whether he would consider being merciful to her.

Joanna came to visit Rachel after she heard the news. Like everyone who knew about the incident, she was shocked and worried about Rachel.

Rachel started explaining to Joanna everything that had happened. And by hearing Joanna's words, Rachel knew that since Shirley was a close relative of the Rong family, they wouldn't take her to the police station to file charges against her. Instead, they took her to a rural village where Shirley used to live. It was her hometown.

Rachel felt her mind was finally at ease. She knew that Shirley wouldn't be able to return to H City for the rest of her life.

"Rachel, I want you to come live with me for the next few days. Hiram is on a business trip, and I'm supposed to take care of you, especially now. Since this incident took place, there's no way I can leave you now."

Joanna let out a heavy sigh. She tried really hard to persuade Rachel, patting the back of her hand to express how worried she was about her. She was trying to support Rachel as much as she possibly could.

Rachel looked at Fannie, who still hadn't left her side since the attack. She then said,"It's fine, mom. My mom will take care of me. With her living at my house, something like this won't happen again."

Rachel thought that Fannie would agree with her and persuade Joanna to stop suggesting that Rachel lived with her. However, Fannie said,"Rachel, Joanna is right. I also need to go back to the XH Village for a couple of days. Why don't you go back with Joanna and live with her? At least just for now."


"See, Rachel. Even your mom thinks it's a good idea. After all, you are my daughter-in-law. The Rong mansion is also your home. I wouldn't ask for this if Hiram were here with you, but unfortunately, he's not. Besides, you're pregnant. Of course, you should come to stay in the Rong mansion! It's your home." Joanna continued to urge Rachel.

Rachel hesitated for a while. Finally, she said after giving it a thought,"Alright then. Just because both of you are suggesting that I go to the Rong mansion, I will."

Thinking about it, she realized that it would allow her the perfect opportunity to ask Gavin an important question.

She wanted to know why her father-in-law would do such a thing to Fannie.

"Great! I'll arrange for someone to help you pack and transport your luggage immediately. Oh, what am I even thinki

Gavin opened the doors to the study, he was surprised to find him there. "Hiram, when did you come back?"

Hiram put back the book that he took from the bookshelf. He turned around and looked at his father. "What? You didn't want me to come back, dad?"

Gavin examined Hiram's words over a slightly uncomfortable cough. "What are you talking about? You're my son. Of course, I want to see you. You've never talked to me like this before. You're being very impolite lately. Please mind your manners."

"Manners? Dad, our family, have always paid very strong attention to manners, and you're the one who taught me all the manners in the world. Whether I'm being polite or not, it's your responsibility too." said Hiram, as he stared at his father, whom he always respected in the past.

Gavin didn't say a single word. He sat on his chair and knew exactly why Hiram came back home.

"Hiram, I understand that I might have done something inappropriate to Rachel's mom. Although, I didn't tell them to do what they did. I just wanted to make Fannie leave H City. I don't want to see anyone from the Ruan family ever again!

Rachel is your wife. I can allow her to stay here. As for the others, especially Fannie, I won't put up with that!

As for smashing the restaurant, it wasn't my idea. It was my subordinates who chose to destroy the restaurant without my consent."

"Oh, yeah? You didn't ask them to smash the restaurant for you? What about opening another restaurant to compete with Fannie across the street? Even though you knew that you wouldn't make any profits from running that restaurant, you still did it. If you didn't have anything to do with it, then what was your intention with that?" Hiram smiled with a cold look on his face.

Gavin was surprised. He didn't know that Hiram knew about the restaurant, up until now.

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