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   Chapter 246 Pregnancy Check-up

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Hiram looked lost, scanning the documents on the table. "We can't change what has happened already," he said without lifting his head up. "Why are you trying to deceive yourself?"

"But we are brother and sister! We grew up together! Nothing can change that! Hiram, our parents are old now. It's not right to make them worry about these things at their age, don't you think?"

Lydia said, looking at Hiram dolefully. Surely Hiram still had a place for her in his heart, she wondered.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have forgiven her for all the mistakes she did. He even chose to defend her instead of Rachel when the incident in the theatre happened.

"Hello, I'll arrange it at 3 o'clock in the afternoon,"

Hiram said on the phone, with his eyes still fixed on the documents. he hung up the phone, raised his head and told Lydia," I have to go out to attend to something. You may go back home if you don't have anything else to do."

Lydia nodded and said," Okay, I shall go then. Take care of yourself, Hiram."

After Lydia left, Hiram looked at his phone and saw that the screen had lit up: A new message.

A message from Rachel. Hiram's face slowly broke into a smile. He gently tapped on the screen of his phone.

"Honey, I find my tummy has got bigger again. I'll be having a pregnancy check-up tomorrow. The doctor said that the gender of our babies could be identified this time,"

Rachel had said in the message. She had attached a picture of her naked belly.

Hiram slowly scrolled down the picture of Rachel's swollen belly. His lips curled up into a very gentle smile.

He was missing her badly and he started contemplating whether to leave all his work and go back to her. His thoughts were interrupted by another message from Rachel.

"I guess that the chance for a boy and a girl as twins is quite small. So it is either two boys or two girls. Which would you prefer?

I know you're busy. Reply to me when you're free. And please don't worry about me. I'm fine. Good night," Rachel had said.

Hiram frowned when he sensed the subtle change of tone in the words Rachel had sent. Looking at every word she sent, he smiled and thought to himself, 'This is how she is. She never bothers me with phone calls. She calls very rarely, but sends messages.'

But deep inside his heart, Hiram missed hearing her voice and secretly longed for her messages.

He gently tapped on the phone and typed," I will love whatever you will give birth to.

Give me a call when you finish the pregnancy check-up, no matter how late i

but I'd like to know it at birth."

There were very few differences between the clothes of baby boys and baby girls and Hiram's mother had prepared the clothes for both genders already. Rachel frankly didn't care about the gender of her children as long as they were healthy.

After coming out of the ultrasonic room, Rachel glanced at both ends of the empty hallway, only to find that her mother was not there. Fannie had probably gone to the restroom as Rachel's clothes were left on a chair.

"Mrs. Rong, please sit down and take a break. I'll let you know the result of the blood test through the phone when it comes out," the doctor who conducted the tests on her said, as she gently helped Rachel sit down.

"Okay, thank you," Rachel thanked her.

Rachel sat down and waited for a few minutes, but Fannie didn't show up. Rachel started growing a little worried about her mother and decided to go to the restroom and find Fanny.

After taking a few steps towards the restroom, she was surprised to see a masked woman with sunglasses walking towards her from the other end of the hallway.

Rachel didn't pay much attention to the woman at first sight. But when she looked at her again and found that the woman looked somewhat familiar, she slowed down, with doubts racing through her head.

The woman in sunglasses didn't seem to have doubts. She scurried towards Rachel with a huge black bag swinging on her shoulders.

Rachel moved aside seeing the black bag, so that the woman could pass her without trouble.

To Rachel's horror, the woman didn't walk past her. The moment they were next to each other, she took off the black bag and made a swing with it to Rachel's belly.

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