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   Chapter 243 Fannie's Restaurant Was Smashed Up

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Hiram was taking Rachel to his grand seaside villa. When they arrived there, Rachel was surprised, because it was more like a small castle than a villa. It covered an area of thousands of square meters. The castle-like villa had been built on an elevated platform so that it wouldn't be gradually eroded by the ebb and flow of the tide.

"Mr. and Mrs. Rong, please come in. Dinner's ready!" The servants had been standing in two lines, waiting for them. When they saw the car coming, they bowed to welcome Hiram and Rachel.

Hiram carried Rachel out of the car and walked into the villa. When they approached the elevator, a servant pressed the elevator button for him and waited.

After Hiram got into the elevator, Rachel, who had her face buried against his chest, raised her head and said,"Put me down. My legs were just asleep. I feel better now..."

When she'd been about to get off the car, Rachel had told Hiram that her legs were numb. Without a second thought, Hiram had scooped her out of the car in his arms.

"It's okay. You're so light. I can even carry you for another hour. When we arrive at our floor, you can take rest for a while. After the long day we've had, you must be feeling extremely tired!"

After the elevator reached the top floor, he carried her out and walked toward the French windows.

He put her down gently on a cream-colored soft couch in front of the French windows. Then, he opened the curtains, revealing the beautiful sunset.

It looked like the sun was drowning in the endless sea. Rachel sat up from the couch, surprised by the beautiful scenery. The sky was painted a dreamy mixture of red, orange and indigo.

"Do you like it?"

Hiram walked back to her and held her tenderly from behind. Resting his chin gently on her head, he looked at the scenery.

"Yes. I enjoy it!" Rachel responded quickly. It was obvious from the smile on her face that she was excited and fascinated. She put her hands on top of Hiram's and said,"From now on, whenever you have the time, can you bring me here to enjoy the beautiful sunset glow?"

"Of course I can. This is our home too. If you like being here, I'll make time to come here with you twice a month," Hiram answered without hesitation, gazing at Rachel, who looked even more beautiful under the warm sunset glow.

After several seconds, he continued,"How about we have dinner here? I'll ask the servants to brin

up his sleeves, pointed at Fannie and cursed loudly.

"Sir! I am sure! Your nephew is definitely not ill because of eating the food we served. Our food is fresh, and we pay much attention to hygiene. It's impossible for me to cook unhealthy food for my customers. There must be a misunderstanding!"

Fannie had shouted herself hoarse. But no matter how much she tried to explain, they still didn't listen to her.

Fannie was sure that the food in her restaurant was healthy, and that it wasn't her fault that his nephew was ill. 'It's impossible, ' she thought.

At that moment, Rachel's bodyguards pulled the people who were standing at the doorway to the side, making way for Rachel.

After she walked in, she saw that Fannie's head was bleeding. She frowned and bit her lips to control her rage. Then, she turned around to look at the man in his forties, who seemed to be leading the group of ruffians.

"Sir! You can talk anything out peacefully. How can you hit people?" asked Rachel.

"Hmph! Who are you? A pregnant woman? Instead of staying quietly at home, you've come here to have a finger in the pie, huh?" The middle-aged man sized Rachel up, and his eyes rested on her belly for a few seconds.

Rachel smiled coldly. She stood in front of Fannie and the other workers. "This restaurant is owned by my mom. Now tell me, should I get involved or not?" she asked.

"Your mom? That's great. If my nephew can't be saved, I won't let you two off. I'll punish you for what you did to my nephew!"

As soon as the middle-aged man finished his words, he received a hard punch on his face!

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