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   Chapter 242 Farce At The Wedding

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Nobody would know how things would be in next second.

An unknown woman in a black dress suddenly walked forward to Hiram and said,"Hiram, you can't get married! Last night...last night we did things that I can't even talk about in public. How can you marry her after that?"

Her words instantly created a great sensation among the guests.

Luke, who was sitting right in front of the stage, patted Daniel on the shoulder and said,"Do you know what the hell is going on?"

However, Daniel looked blank too, because he had never seen that woman before. "I don't know. Let's just see," replied Daniel.

Last night?

Rachel turned to Hiram in confusion and asked,"Last night? But you were with me last night."

Hiram's eyebrows knitted together in a frown as he asked the stranger,"Well, miss, who are you?"

The woman in the black dress incredulously pointed to herself, her face filled with surprise and dismay.

"How can you not know who I am? Hiram, have you forgotten calling me 'baby' last night? You said I'm the most special woman in the world. You said I'm a lotus, rising unsullied from the mud. But now you're asking who I am?!"

She paused for a short moment, and then said,"Hiram, you're not worthy of my worship and adoration. I never expected you to be so cheap!"

Hiram could do nothing but give a wry smile. He was lucky that he had been with Rachel last night, otherwise, it would've been almost impossible to defend himself.

But he still didn't understand what was going on.

Seeing the woman begin to weep, Rachel couldn't help saying,"I think you're mistaken. Hiram was with me last night. Since our wedding ceremony is today, he didn't go out at all."

"No! That's impossible! How can I be mistaken?" The woman shook her head, staring at Hiram with conviction. She had been addicted to his charming face for so long and finally managed to get close to him yesterday. So how could she have made such a stupid mistake?

Meanwhile, Hiram frowned again and suddenly recalled something. He cast a glance at his guests and found Hearst quietly standing up to escape. "Hearst! Come here right now!" roared Hiram furiously.

He had told Hearst to leave after showing

he still has the nerve to complain!"

But he was saying it loud enough for Hearst to hear. Hearst resentfully scratched his head and walked back silently to his seat.

He regretted how impulsive he'd been last night. If he had managed to control himself then, he wouldn't be trapped now!

Although Hiram had omitted many parts of the ceremony, Rachel still felt exhausted when it was over.

"Are you tired?"

Hiram and Rachel were traveling in the car. Hiram was holding Rachel's waist to make her feel more comfortable.

Rachel nodded, rested her head on Hiram's shoulder and said,"Where are we going?"

Watching the seaside pass them, Rachel had to admit that the scenery was beautiful, but she had no strength to enjoy it at that moment.

"We are going to the villa by the sea. Since you can't take long trips now, I chose a place which isn't far away," answered Hiram, taking out a bottle of milk and passing it to Rachel. "Drink this if you feel hungry."

Rachel sipped the milk through a straw, leaning on Hiram's chest. She stared at the floating clouds through the window.

It was clear now.

Their married life had started.

All the time they'd spent together till now was nothing but a preface. They were going to experience a lot more things together, no matter good or bad.

Rachel laid her hands on her swollen belly and caressed her babies.

She was glad that she was going to start her long journey of married life with them.

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