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   Chapter 241 You Bad Boy

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"Hiram, I've promised the president of Fortune Group that you would go to the party. Can you do me a favor and just show up at the party?" Gavin told his son.

He knew it wouldn't be easy to convince Hiram, but since he had already made a promise to someone else, how could he break his word?

Hiram was annoyed by Gavin's words. After a pause, he said,"Just this once."

"Okay! I promise I won't make any decisions for you without your consent in the future. But since Rachel's pregnant, it's not advisable for her to move around a lot. How about I find a female companion for you this evening? Or you may find one by yourself," Gavin continued.

Hiram answered immediately,"Don't bother, Dad! I'm hanging up."

Hearing Hiram's irritated tone, Rachel blinked her eyes and asked,"What's wrong?"

Hiram put his phone on the table and sighed. "Dad doesn't want to break his word to the president of Fortune Company, so he tried to persuade me to attend his daughter's party."

Rachel thought about it for a while, and then said,"You can just show up at the party for a few minutes, then nobody can say that your dad breaks his word. It's not a big deal.

Besides, it won't take a long time and it won't delay our wedding ceremony tomorrow."

Hiram pulled her into his embrace. "Tomorrow is our big day. How can I attend someone else's party the night before my wedding?

Whoever she is, I won't go!"

Hearing this, Rachel raised her head and looked at him worriedly. "But you've already promised dad!"

Hiram smiled. He pinched her chin and pecked her on her lips. "Honey, I won't let the same thing happen twice. You're the most important person in my life now."

Rachel's heart began pounding when she saw the affection in his eyes. She giggled and kissed him back. "Then what are you going to do?"

Hiram narrowed his eyes. "I'll ask Hearst to attend the party. The rich girl's family hasn't seen me before, so they may mistake Hearst for me. Besides, even if they find out, I'll tell them that I ask Hearst to attend the party on my behalf," he said.

"Ah? Are you serious?" Rachel was a little worried. If that playboy talked nonsense at the party, an acquaintance might recognize him.

"Don't worry about it anymore. Nothing is more important than our wedding tomorrow. I've chosen several bridal gowns for you. Try them on and pick your favourite later." With that, Hiram pulled her into his arms.

In the afternoon, Rachel called Celine to accompany them


Rachel took a deep breath. Hiram had told her that the ceremony would be a simple one, but there were a lot more guests than she had been expecting.

She hadn't invited many of her relatives and friends, but the Rong family was big and they had many friends and business partners as well, so there were a lot of people outside.

When the ceremony began, Fannie's eyes turned red as she accompanied her daughter down the aisle.

Since Rachel's father had passed away years ago, Fannie had to bring her daughter to Hiram on behalf of her husband.

"Hiram, Rachel's my only daughter. Maybe it's impossible for everything to go smoothly, but I wish that both of you will be safe and healthy all your life. Everyone has to face challenges, but I hope you can overcome them together no matter what difficulties you encounter in the future.

Never leave Rachel alone."

With this, Fannie put Rachel's hand into Hiram's, and then looked at her and said,"Rachel, you're a nice girl, but don't be too stubborn in the future, okay?"

When Rachel and Hiram had gotten their marriage certificate, Fannie hadn't felt anything, but now, handing her daughter over to Hiram in such a formal occasion made her feel sad.

Hiram, who had been admiring Rachel as she walked down the aisle, now turned to Fannie.

"Mom, trust me!" he said firmly.

Rachel lowered her head with tears in her eyes and allowed herself to be led by Hiram towards the other side of the red carpet.

Under the gaze of all the guests, she walked straight ahead with Hiram.

They had almost reached the end when someone suddenly cried out,"I won't let this marriage happen!"

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