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   Chapter 239 Rachel Was Having Twins

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Annoyed by Gavin's words, Joanna said,"Come on, darling! They're young, and I believe they have their own plans. Can we just have our dinner now?"

Gavin groaned disapprovingly and continued,"As the old saying goes, there are three major offenses against filial piety and the worse one is not producing an heir. You were pregnant with Hiram half a year after we got married. Listen carefully, you can throw a wedding as long as Rachel gets pregnant!"

Seeing Joanna and Gavin argue, Rachel put her chopsticks on the table silently.

She looked down at her flat belly and sighed deeply.

Now she understood why Hiram had wanted to have a baby so desperately;

he'd known that his father would do this to her one day.

Suddenly, taking her hand and turning to his parents, Hiram said,"Mom and dad, I was supposed to tell you a few days ago, but since I knew mom's birthday was coming, I wanted it to be a surprise.

Rachel is... Rachel's pregnant!"

Joanna got up on her feet immediately and asked,"Really? Say it one more time! Rachel's pregnant? I didn't hear you wrong, right? Thank god!"

Rachel looked down at the table bitterly. If Gavin was nice to her, Joanna's reaction would have made her happy.

"Of course it's true! Have I ever lied to you, mom? And the real good news is, Rachel's going to have twins!" Hiram said excitedly, gazing at Rachel proudly.

Joanna had a twin sister, so she was delighted that her grandchildren were going to experience the same things as she had.

Radiant with joy, she walked to Rachel right away and said,"Oh, my god! I wish you had told me the moment you found out, my dear Rachel. Oh, Gavin, I need to visit the temple tomorrow and show my gratitude to our ancestors! I've been looking forward to grandchildren since Hiram graduated from college, and now, at last, it's becoming a reality! I think you should move in with us, Rachel dear."

Gavin was shocked by the news, as it was the last thing he had expected. He'd told Hiram that they couldn't have a wedding unless Rachel was pregnant just because he'd wanted to gradually persuade Hiram to leave Rachel, but now it turned out that she was really pregnant.

What was more, she was having twins.

Although Shirley had gotten herself pregnant by IVF, she h

e dark last time," she said.

Hiram's bright eyes darkened and he nodded reluctantly.

He couldn't tell her that there were rumors that her mom had caused Landy's death, because he didn't know if it was true yet.

And besides, he didn't think Rachel would be able to take it if he told her now.

"Honey, let's go to sleep now," Hiram said hoarsely after turning off the orange lamp on the night table.

Rachel pulled his hands off her and said,"No, please leave me alone! The doctor said we shouldn't have sex in the first three months, remember?"

"Let me just die…"

Hiram murmured. He rumpled his hair and then closed his eyes with Rachel in his arms.

In his mind, he blamed God for making him go through this. He had waited for nearly thirty years before he had Rachel sharing his bed, and they were separated from time to time because of one problem or the other. Now they were finally able to sleep together, but she was pregnant.

Rachel knew what he was thinking about. She patted him on the chest and whispered,"Come on! Think about it! We'll have two adorable babies a few months later. Aren't you excited? Time flies fast!"

Hearing her words, Hiram felt a sweetness he'd never felt before.

"I'm fine. You and our babies are more important than anything in my life. Night, night!" he whispered and kissed her on her forehead.

The night was dark, and the moonlight was seeping through the window. Soon, the room was filled with only their rhythmic breathing as they slept soundly.

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