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   Chapter 238 Joanna's Birthday

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Gavin was a little angry when he heard that the man was only speculating, because he'd thought that he had witnessed Landy and Fannie quarreling.

"But... Mr. Rong, it's been a long time. Please let me think about it. I'll ask around in my village to see if there's anyone who saw them that night, and I'll inform you immediately if I find anything new," the man promised.

Gavin waved him out.

Even if Fannie and Simpson hadn't pushed Landy into the river, they were still responsible for her death.

He'd never hated fate as much as he did now.

Why had God made his son marry the daughter of the man

who had caused the miserable death of his only younger sister?

Why did the Rong family have to be connected to the Ruan family?

Before finding out that Simpson was related to Landy's death, he had thought that although the Ruan family was poor, since they had been living in the same village as the Rong family for several generations, it wasn't a bad thing for their families to be linked with marriage.

But now...

he was filled with pure hatred for the Ruan family.

"Mr. Rong, shall we continue the promotion activity for this restaurant? We're losing money every day," the butler standing beside him reminded him carefully.

"Go on with the discount," Gavin answered, pulling himself back from his memories.

Wondering about what Fannie might have done all those years ago ruined his appetite and sleep. Even if he couldn't drive Rachel out of the Rong family soon, he would try to send Fannie back to XH Village somehow.

He didn't want to see her any more.

At Fannie's restaurant...

There were only a few guests in the restaurant today, so Rachel had been chatting with Fannie the whole day. By the time she left, it was getting dark outside. When she got into the car, Carl said,"Rachel, today is Aunt Joanna's birthday. Hiram wants you to go back home with him."

Rachel nodded and said,"Okay. Then drive me to the store ahead. I'll buy a gift."

She hadn't gone back to the Rong family's mansion for quite a few days. In fact, she hadn't been back since Shirley's accidental miscarriage.

She hadn't told Joanna that she was pregnant yet, because it had been only two months and she was planning to tell her later. But now, it seemed that she couldn't hide the news from he

avor, he would never compromise anything for his sake again.

"Really? I don't think it's necessary for our family to flatter an inferior company. We would only be lowering our own standards." With that, Hiram put some light food onto Rachel's plate and said,"Rachel, have something to eat."

Rachel lowered her head wordlessly and started to eat.

"Anyway, I've promised them that you would go. Can you do me this favor?" Gavin asked, glancing at Rachel.

"Okay! But I'll take Rachel with me. Never ask me to attend such parties again," Hiram said apathetically before putting more food onto Rachel's plate.

Hearing this, Gavin cleared his throat and said,"You'd better not bring Rachel there. You two haven't held a wedding ceremony yet, so in the eyes of the public, you're still not a couple. If you want to bring a female companion to the party, I'll introduce a girl to you."

Turning a deaf ear to what Gavin said, Hiram slammed his chopsticks on the plate and said,"Rachel, since the year is about to end and the weather is agreeable in this season, I want to advance our wedding ceremony. What do you think?"

Rachel hesitated for a while and then nodded. "Okay!"

She thought it was good for them to hold the wedding ceremony as soon as possible. A few weeks later, her belly would start protruding, especially with twins inside.

Hearing Hiram's words, Gavin banged the table.

"Hiram! You've been together with Rachel for more than half a year, but she still hasn't conceived yet. How can you hold a wedding ceremony?"

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