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   Chapter 237 His Heart

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Thinking about what happened, Hiram had never experienced such fear within himself. He couldn't ever imagine losing Rachel to someone else, let alone his partner. It seemed as though Daniel's love for Rachel was triggered by her previous kidnapping incident and appeared to have grown even more over time.

For years, he felt as if his heart remained closed off from love or anything that matched a similar sense of vulnerability. Rachel was the one person who managed to unlock it for him.

Rachel owned Hiram's heart. Her laughter restored his happiness, but also his fear of losing something that meant the world to him.

Since Rachel told him the good news about her pregnancy, he was extremely happy. So much so that it almost made him float on cloud nine, which he didn't believe was possible in the past.

Her presence in his life shifted his priorities.

Therefore, he could never accept it if she left him. The mere fact that his heart could feel lifeless once more, made him even more scared.

The dawn of the following morning broke with ease.

After he got up, Hiram walked towards the hall outside of his room, where he saw Daniel waiting outside for him.

It seemed like he sobered up from the previous night. Approaching Hiram, he said with a smile," Hiram, let's go somewhere quiet to talk. I need to explain myself."

After fixing the sleeves of his shirt, Hiram opened the door to his study, and walked in. Then. Daniel followed him. He pulled open the curtain and said, with his back facing to Daniel," If you intend to apologize for what happened last night, forget about it. I have already confronted Rachel about it. You were drunk, and I will pretend as though I didn't see what happened last night. I won't blame you, nor her for it."

Daniel closed the door behind him and leaned against it, looking at Hiram before responding to him," Hiram... That's not quite what I wanted to say. I wanted to tell you that, should you not want her anymore one day or something goes wrong, I hope that you can allow me the opportunity of taking your place."

Infuriated, Hiram immediately turned around to face his partner. He responded impatiently," Daniel, do you even know what you are suggesting to me right now? I think you require more time to sober up."

"Yes, I'm aware. I had a lot to drink last night. However, my mind is clear, and I know how I feel. Hiram, Rachel is yours, and I know I don't deserve her. I know it's confusing. I mean, I brought a beautiful woman to your house, yet I was only thinking about your wife. I'm sure you're angry with me and probably want to hurt me, right?"

Daniel said, nodding his head. It didn't seem as though he cared about Hiram's wrath. From the moment Hiram saw Daniel declare his affection towards Rachel, he wouldn't be able to hide his feelings from him any longer. Even though he knew Hiram was angry at him, he didn't want him to ever think of Daniel as liar man.

Besides, he wasn't someone who would hide his feeling from anybod

ook you whatever you want, even if it's not on the menu." Fannie agreed with a slight nod.

At that moment, standing on the second floor of the newly-opened restaurant, Gavin stood with his hands on his hips, staring at Rachel and Fannie who were chatting and smiling the afternoon away in their family-owned restaurant.

"Can you see them? Is the older woman the one you saw before?" The butler asked the old man standing behind him, pointing to Fannie.

The old man squinted his eyes and looked at Fannie carefully with the help of a telescope, before answering the question," Yes, it's her.

Mr. Rong, you know I won't make a mistake. Even though it was late that night and dark outside, I saw her walking towards the bridge with my own eyes. Coincidentally, the next day, Miss Rong was dead. Clearly, she had something to do with it."

"Be cautious about what you say. You recall seeing her in an argument with Miss Rong? Did you see them fight, or not?" the butler responded to him once more.

The old man hesitated at first and then continued to say," Mr. Rong, take your time to think about it. Unless they arranged to meet, they wouldn't have met up during the late hours of the night. Not there anyway. What do you think?"

Gavin slowly turned around towards the butler. He looked at the old man with his sharp eyes and said," So, you mean to tell me that you are guessing. You're not sure about what you saw, and that you didn't see them fighting in person, am I right?"

"Um, well... Mr. Rong, it was a fight. Fannie was Simpson's fiancee at the time, and she must have been jealous because Simpson liked Miss Rong. She had a motive. Fannie must have hated Miss Rong too much. She must have realized that she could never marry Simpson unless Miss Rong died,"

the old man said nervously, as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

After taking a deep breath, Gavin proceeded to close his eyes before responding in an angry tone," Words alone are no proof. I need proper evidence!"

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