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   Chapter 236 Being Honest With Each Other

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Rachel watched Vivian leave, leaving Daniel behind. She turned around and looked at Daniel, who to her shock, was still drinking. Rachel said to him,"Daniel, don't drink too much. You nearly polished two full bottles of wine. Stop drinking now and go to your bedroom to sleep it off."

Daniel swished the remaining liquor in his mouth, and finished the last few drops in the bottle. "Mrs. Rong, are you worried that I will drink all the alcohol in your house?"

said Daniel. He looked at Rachel in his drunken state.

"No, not at all, Daniel. We have lots of wine in our cellar. You are allowed to drink it if you like it that much. I'm just starting to worry about you. Too much alcohol is really bad for your health." Shaking her head, Rachel gave Daniel a slight smile, as she noticed how drunk he actually was. Rachel said to Daniel,"Alright, get up. I can't leave you here all by yourself. Let's go."

Rachel stepped towards him, in her attempt to help Daniel up from the ground. Daniel dodged her gesture, and refused to accept her help.

"Don't touch me, Rachel." Daniel said in his drunken state, and refilled his glass with wine.

It was very unlike him to reject her like that. He wasn't even being funny about it, which was something, she suddenly noticed, lacking in him. Rachel glanced at Daniel with a heavy sigh. "Fine, I should go now. I'll ask Vivian to come get you and take care of you."

Although Daniel was very drunk, Rachel understood that they were close friends. She initially thought that it was entirely normal for them to have a certain extent of physical contact with one another, yet he just uncomfortably rejected her touch. He even seemed too scared to touch her.

Rachel turned around without giving the situation a second thought, and proceeded to walk away. As she was just about to reach the stairs, she heard a noise behind her. She turned around and wondered what had happened. Daniel already caught up to her. He hugged her close from behind, smelling like alcohol, so Rachel urged him to let her go.

"Don't move. Let me hug you."

said Daniel. He hugged Rachel tightly. He was so close to her that she could almost feel his heartbeat. Daniel buried his face in Rachel's shoulders, as he murmured,"Rachel, I miss you. I have missed you every day since you left work. How am I supposed to look at you and not touch you?

I used to see you at work at least three times a week. I thought I would be satisfied with that, but you left. I feel hopeless not being able to see you as I please."

Despite knowing how drunk he was, Rachel was startled by Daniel's words. She wanted to pull herself out of Daniel's hug, but he held onto her tightly. "Daniel, you're drunk. Please, let go of me!"

"No, I'm not letting you go. Not now. I know you're Hiram's wife. So, I can never ever compete with him, and I don't even think twice about it. Just... Grant me one minute. All I want to do is talk to you." said Daniel. He turned Rachel around with his hands gently holding on to her shoulders. Rachel lowered her head. She felt uneasy about the entire situation and didn't know how to respond.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She continued to speak,"Alright, I can give you one minute. Just, let go of me first."

Daniel stared at his hands, which were hol


"You know what? If you were any other woman, I would let you go with Daniel without a single thought of hesitation. Unfortunately for Daniel, you're different and mean the world to me. I won't allow that kind of things to happen. No other guys are allowed to touch you! I won't have it." Hiram said, as he grabbed Rachel's shoulders harder. As he got more upset, he didn't stop.

"Ouch! That hurts!" It was so hard that Rachel shouted out loud. She yanked herself out of Hiram's hands, and glanced at her shoulders. On her pale-white shoulders, were Hiram's fingerprints. She exclaimed,"No, Hiram, you're overthinking what happened tonight! I am not involved with other men, except for you! I am your wife, and I am loyal to you alone."

Hiram glanced at her shoulders and rubbed them for her. "I know. I'm really sorry for hurting you... Daniel is drunk tonight. If he were in his right mind, he would never have said things like that! I like to believe that he carries some common courtesy, and loyalty too,"

said Hiram. He held Rachel's head gently and in a protective manner. "Okay, I'll let it go and forget about what happened tonight, but when I wake up tomorrow, Daniel better pull himself together. I will give him another chance, as long as he knows that nothing like this can ever happen again."

Hiram was trying to appear calm in front of Rachel, but in reality, he was very angry. He never wanted to see other men look at Rachel with an intention. He was very protective of her. He also didn't want to hear any man confess a romantic suggestion to her, never again.

Hiram had always been scared of losing Rachel. She was an amazing woman.

Since the day Rachel was kidnapped from the theater, Hiram had grown worried with the mere idea that one day, he could very well lose her. Most importantly, he worried that she could possess the idea of leaving him one day, which was something he wouldn't be able to bear at all. It would break his heart.

Should she ever get hurt, other men would be presented with a chance to sabotage their relationship. He was constantly worried about her. Even the idea of her leaving him along the line, was the one he simply just couldn't imagine.

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