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   Chapter 235 A Small Party (Part Two)

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Thinking about Hiram's suggestion, Daniel's eyes lit up with great interest. Looking at the beautiful woman beside him, he couldn't possibly say no. "You know, I like your idea, but my Vivian didn't bring her bathing suit. So, what do we do now?"

Vivian looked over at Hiram and Luke with her big, daring eyes. She seemed quite shy, and to be intimidated by the two wealthy, handsome men in front of her. Even though she tried to exude confidence, her shyness seeped through. Gathering her courage, she boldly asked,"How about asking Mrs. Rong whether she could lend me a bathing suit?"

Daniel turned towards Rachel, and she responded before he could open his mouth.

"Of course, that's no problem at all. You can go upstairs first. I'll go take the bathing suit and join you later. There is a changing room upstairs." Rachel said politely, with a smile on her face.

While she was talking to Vivian, she glanced over at Hiram with a smile, and continued to walk towards the bedroom.

Since she knew she would be swimming with Hiram, she had already prepared two bathing suits prior to the gathering. Somehow she knew she would need an extra.

Walking up to her closet, Rachel found that Hiram left the crowd and followed her. While Rachel was collecting the bathing suits in the closet, he was already changing his trousers into his trunks. He approached her and suddenly said,"If you can't find them, it's okay. I'll call the servant to get two new bathing suits."

"That's not necessary, I find them."

Rachel took out the two bathing suits. Turning to Hiram, she smiled with confidence. Already dressed in his swimwear, he placed his strong, muscular arms around Rachel's waist.

He kissed his wife gently on the lips, and looked at her with passion and desire. Unexpectedly, he asked,"My dear wife, I know you're pregnant, but are we not allowed to make love anymore?"

With a smirk on her face, Rachel broke out laughing. She pinched his cheeks in a childlike manner. "Oh my dear husband, but of course not. It's only been a few days. I thought you had a lot of self-discipline and control? If you can't control yourself at this stage, how will you control yourself when I am bigger?"

Looking at her, he kissed the smile on her lips passionately and held himself back as much as he could. "It's not about my ability to control myself or even self-discipline. You know I have a lot of self-discipline. However, since I've experienced it with you, I am unable to control myself. I can be extremely gentle with you. Can we please make love tonight?" said he.

Rachel bit her lips, struggling to reject his gesture. Every time he kissed her, he kissed her on the lips, which to her just wasn't romantic. She didn't understand why he couldn't kiss any other parts of her body.

She imagined in her mind that she would enjoy more foreplay, but how do you say that to a man? Surely making a suggestion like that would bruise his ego.

At that very moment, there was a knock at the door. "Mr. Rong, Mr. Zhuo and Mr. Jian said that they want to meet you upstairs soon."

Luke and Daniel sent a servant to ensure they would hurry up.

Hiram nodded his head and held Rachel on her waist tightly. As he let her go, he walked towards the door.

When they arrived at the top floor, Luck and Daniel had made their way to the swimming pool. Already having fun, they were racing in the pool, while Vivian was standing by, rooting her date on to win.


all the rounds against Daniel and Hiram.

All of them enjoyed the race, after which they ended the evening by drinking wine by the swimming pool. Luke drank way too much, yet it seemed like he still wanted more. He continued to drink, as he requested Hiram to get him more wine.

Daniel also drank a lot of alcohol, and seemed very drunk. However, he and Vivian still drank one glass after the other.

Rachel looked at those around her, and then set her eyes on Hiram who was peacefully sitting beside her. He was only slightly drunk. He wasn't focused on her at that moment, and only chatted to Daniel and Luke.

"Hiram, they are nearly drunk. We have many guest rooms. I suggest them staying, rather than leaving our home tonight. What do you think?" Rachel asked Hiram.

Hiram gazed at her with a big smile. "I also have the idea. That's fine. We can arrange two rooms and have the servants prepare them."

Rachel nodded and left the swimming pool to arrange the rooms for them.

Shortly after, two servants were sent upstairs. They were going to carry Luke to his room to sleep, as Luke was completely drunk. He pushed them away and said,"Don't touch me, I'm fine. It's improper for you to touch me. There's no need to help me. I can walk to the room by myself. "

In that moment, Hiram returned after he received a phone call. He grabbed Luke and said,"Come now, you gentleman. I'll take you to your room."

Luke nodded, as he couldn't walk by himself. Hiram dragged him, as they walked to the guestroom downstairs.

Rachel informed the servants to take all the alcohol and empty glasses away. She glared over to Daniel and Vivian, who were still sitting very close to one other and said,"Daniel, I've had a servant prepare a room for you. You shouldn't go back home tonight. You and Vivian can both stay over tonight and rest."

Daniel crossed his legs, shifted his deep, dark eyes, grabbed Vivian's hand and said,"Vivian, could you please go back to the car and grab my charger? Bring it to our room."

Although Vivian was slightly drunk, she stood up and looked at Daniel with a sexy smile on her face. "Okay, I will. I'll meet you downstairs soon."

She knew what Daniel wanted. He wasn't only looking for a charger in the car, but also some other things that they might need later.

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