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   Chapter 234 A Small Party (Part One)

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Leaning on the leather chair, Hiram lit up a cigarette and subtly took a deep drag. "Write a notice to remind those who intend to resign to leave the company as early as possible. Oh, and that none of the sub-companies of Streams will ever hire them again!

The employees who are committed to Streams and willing to stay will never have to worry about being treated in an unfair manner. Never! The last thing we're worried about is the lack of talents. It's up to them to decide whether they want to leave or not."

The general manager nodded, agreeing with Hiram and immediately responded,"Yes, Mr. Rong, I will do it right away!"

After he left, Hiram thought to himself, 'These individuals were only lured by their willingness to pay them good salaries. The Yan group has just cut a figure recently. It is impossible to predict the after-effects thereof.

As a leading company, Streams has continued to grow for the past few decades. The company has achieved a lot of success during the last couple of years. It is like a century-old tree, which is resilient and maintains a a good reputation. The company has a large pool of talents. A clever man is able to figure out which company is better within a single moment.'

The general manager left the office. As he walked, he saw Daniel in the corridor. He greeted,"Mr. Zhuo!"

Daniel gently nodded his head and walked into Hiram's office.

"Mr. Rong, all the design drawings of Cliff Mountain have been completed. You can browse through them, if you have time. I will make a presentation regarding these designs at next week's meeting."

Daniel placed a bound designs on Hiram's desk, without making direct eye contact with him.

Instead of viewing the designs, Hiram pointed to the chair next to him and looked at him. "Sit, please. I have always respected your work, and this time is no exception. I'd like to believe that you won't ever disappoint me."

Daniel sat down and looked at him with a sincere smile. "Now, don't say that, Mr. Rong. I have to follow the procedure. I will continue to do a good job, finishing the revision within this month. In the event that it is accepted, I will go back at the start of next month."

"So fast? How come?" Hiram lifted his eyebrows and kept his eyes focused on Daniel. He appreciated his level of skill and ability to work under pressure, regardless of any other aspects. That was why they were able to cooperate for many years. Daniel knew that Hiram expected a high level of dedication, and a fine sense of work-ability from him.

Suddenly Daniel laughed. "Sir, although my company is small, it can't operate without me. It's my company and I am in charge of it, just like a parent is in charge of his child. Mr. Rong, will you allow me to go?"

Hiram also broke out in a laugh. "How can I force you to stay if you want to leave? I'm not a monster, you know? Besides, I now owe you my gratitude and appreciation. Especially, since you saved Rachel last time."

Daniel raised his hand to adjust the stud on his left ear. The smile on his face remained as he thought about what Hiram had said. "Really?If you really want to thank me

ll just very exciting, and I think our family needs a little bit of excitement at times. Especially now, but you have my word. I won't tell anyone about this. Besides, a month isn't that long.

However, Hiram did ask me to protect you wherever you go. The bodyguard will come over at any time you like. Your safety is our main priority at the moment."

As Rachel came into the house, she suddenly smelled a delicious aroma. She understood that lunch must have been ready. "Carl, since you're here, why don't you join me for lunch."

Once the night came, the autumn wind always blew gracefully. The weather was getting colder, yet the leaves remained green.

Located in the best spot of the Tulip Palace, the three-floor villa was completely lit and seemed rather inviting to anyone that entered the lobby.

Never had the villa been filled with so much excitement.

Even though that was the case, Luke seemed really depressed, as he took a sip of his wine. He looked at the two couples placed opposite to him at the table, and said,"Are you done yet?Be careful of showing your affection in public. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Especially you! Yes, I am talking to you, Daniel. Best go home now!"

The girl in Daniel's arms was enchantingly beautiful, and her figure was on point with what men perceived as down right gorgeous. Daniel firmly placed his eyes on Luke. "You are such a celebrated lawyer in this city. Why don't you find yourself a girl and enter into a relationship yourself? There are girls everywhere. How about I introduce you some girls?"

"Come on now!"

Luke sneered at Daniel, and then continued to look at another couple who seemed quite in love. "Hiram, why don't you come with me? Let's go swimming! It seems way more fun than this."

Hiram took his hand off Rachel's shoulder and answered Luke quickly,"Fine, you go upstairs to change your clothes and I will be there in a few minutes. Daniel, would you like to join us? Or, are you too busy with..."

He looked at Daniel, who didn't seem interested at all. He was occupied with his new lady.

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