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   Chapter 233 Overjoy

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"Hiram, you're going be a father!"

When Rachel told him the exciting news, she felt as though she was floating on a cloud, and as if she could jump in the air with joy.

"Honey! Really? You're not kidding? You're pregnant?" Hiram still wasn't convinced. His eyes were filled with surprise and utter joy, as he continued to ask her.

"Wait. Put me down, and I'll show you." Before she came over to show him, she especially washed the pregnancy test stick and put it in her purse, for fear that he didn't believe her. She then realized that it was a good thing she did that.

Hearing what she had said, Hiram put her down carefully. He saw her take out a pregnancy test stick from her purse, as she handed it to him. It was the one he bought her yesterday.

He glanced at her and took it. When he unwrapped the packaging yesterday, he read the instructions, which meant that he knew how to interpret the results of the test. So, when he saw the two clear bars on the stick, his heart rate suddenly increased. He was over the moon with the realization that he was about to become a father.

Hiram then pulled her into his arms. Overwhelmed with joy, he kissed her hair. With no trouble putting his excitement into words, he said,"Oh, Honey!

You're pregnant. It's our baby, and it's none of anyone else's business. Our kid must be protected and live a happy life at all cost."

Hugging Rachel, he never wanted to let go of her. He hugged her so tightly, that she found it difficult to breathe. As Hiram continued to hug her, she asked,"Could you perhaps go to the hospital with me? It's just to double check and confirm the pregnancy with a doctor. When do you have time?"

Hiram pinched her face. He felt nothing but tenderness and love in his heart for his wife. He hadn't smiled as much as he did in that very moment in the longest time."Of course, I will! There is nothing more important than this.

Give me a few seconds. I'm going to make an appointment first." He couldn't stop smiling. It filled Rachel's heart with even more joy than she ever hoped it would. Seeing him happy and being able to bear his child were extremely important to her.

Staring at his beaming face, she didn't feel worried any longer. She nodded her head, without any disbelief.

On their way to a luxury private hospital for women and children in H City after making an appointment with a doctor, the couple didn't know what to expect. After they arrived just on time for their appointment, they entered the doctor's office, where they were introduced, and Rachel was told to make herself comfortable on the examination table.

A female doctor examined Rachel. Reviewing the ultrasound, she smiled as she sat down and said,"Relax, Mrs. Rong. It won't last long."

Rachel seized Hiram's hand which was resting beside her. Hiram looked at her, grinning. He ignored his phone, which was vibrating, due to phone calls and messages.

The probe held by the doctor was being moved around on Rachel's belly. Soon, the doctor said with a surprised tone

his wife's job but also offered long-term support to her employees, which seemed a bit daunting to Rachel.

"Thank you. We appreciate the offer, but we are doing well on our own." At first, Rachel considered his suggestion but then decided not to take it. Celine, however, didn't think as she did.

"Rachel, this is a great opportunity. Why don't you accept it? This man is your husband. Not a stranger. We're all still struggling in some way with our efforts in making a success of the studio. Don't you think that his suggestion is good for all of us?"

Hiram continued to present them with the opportunity,"I'm not sure whether you can manage them properly. It all depends on your abilities. It's up to you. I only provide opportunities. You know that."

Rachel nodded slightly, unsure of her decision and responded. "Okay then. It's getting quite late. You'd better go to work, honey!"

Hiram looked at his watch in a panic as he noticed how late he was. "Okay, I'm leaving. If you have time, come over and have lunch with me?"

Walking out of Rachel's studio, Hiram glanced at the busy studio opposite to hers. A faint sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"Mr. Rong!"

An engineer who was about to leave the other studio saw Hiram and felt urged to approach him.

Hiram glanced at him and remained silent. He strode down to the exit at a steady pace, ignoring the engineer.

It took a while for this engineer to recover from the surprise. He continued to walk into the office, where he had only been working for a couple of days after quitting his previous job. The sudden appearance of Mr. Rong made him forget what he was supposed to do.

At Streams Company Building.

When the general manager of the company saw Hiram entering the building, he immediately followed him with a briefing. "Mr. Rong, the Yan Group keeps headhunting employees from our company. Four engineers have been poached this month alone! They are obviously offering them far better salaries and benefits than we are, Sir."

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