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   Chapter 232 Divorce Her For Us

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Except for Rachel, Hiram had never hung out with any of other women. He knew, however, that he couldn't control himself in front of her, at least before all of his natural desires were met.

Hiram got on top of her before she had the chance to say anything more.

The next day came by swiftly, as per usual.

Rachel woke up with the rise of the sun, and found Hiram to be long gone.

Rubbing her eyes, she got out of bed, and put on her slippers. Heading to the bathroom, she quickly stopped as though she forgot something. Dangling in her thoughts for a second, she went back to her room and grabbed the pregnancy test stick that was left on the table the night before.

After completing the test, she waited a few minutes to review the result.

Sitting on the close-stool, she saw it had turned pink as her urine was absorbed. Two lines were displayed on the test stick. She looked at it, wondering what it meant.

Then, she remembered that she didn't read the instructions carefully. It was the very first time she had taken a pregnancy test.

She picked up the pregnancy test stick's package from the trashcan and began reading it.

When she saw that two lines meant she was pregnant, Rachel couldn't help but scream at the top of her lungs! Yes, she was indeed pregnant.

She had her breakfast quickly before rushing to the Streams Building, where Hiram worked.

She wanted to tell Hiram as soon as possible.

Rachel headed directly to the president office when she got to the building.

Unfortunately, Chad stopped her before she was able to knock on the door.

"Rachel, hold on please! The chairman of the board is inside at the moment, and he said he didn't want to be disturbed." Chad explained.

Rachel nodded and said she would wait outside until Hiram was available. She quickly took a seat, waiting impatiently.

Inside the office, Hiram was having a serious discussion with his father.

Gazing at him, who was sitting on the chair in front of his desk, Hiram frowned and asked,"Dad, do you have any evidence to prove what you just said?"

"Evidence, my boy? No! Listen, it happened more than twenty years ago. Even the river was drained long before I knew. How could I find any evidence there now?" Gavin replied, patting the desk repeatedly.

"Hiram, you know you own father, right? Have you ever seen me give anyone a bad name for no reason? It's not something I find pleasure in doing. It is true that Rachel's parents were involved in your aunt's death, and what more is, they should be held responsible for it!

After all these years, I have finally discovered the truth. A witness said that she saw Landy together with Fannie before she died, quarreling fiercely, and then Fannie aggressively pushed Landy into the river. I suppose Fannie might not have done it on purpose, but it was still she who pushed your aunt into the river. She should be held liable for it!"

Gavin shook his head miserably and continued,"That woman is really something! How could she marry her daughter into our family after

What is his reason for hating me as much as he does?' she wondered.

"Hiram, tell me. Is it about Landy's death? I need to know." Rachel asked her question seriously, which took her husband by surprise. She couldn't indeed think of other reason why Gavin would be so angry with her.

Gavin seemed to have forgotten about Landy's death recently. However, he approached his son in an unforgivable manner. Rachel thoroughly believed that it must have had something to do with her death.

Hiram sighed. Touching her cheek, he firmly said,"It doesn't matter anymore. What happened in the past has passed. Am I correct?"

He had been trying his best to keep the truth from his father during the last few days, but it had reached him anyway. Hiram had no idea where his father heard the news. He started to scroll through his mind, searching for an answer.

Gavin insisted that Landy's death was caused by Fannie, who pushed her into the river, when they were settling a dispute with one another.

As he explained to Hiram, it was not only Rachel's father who got involved in Landy's death, but her mother as well. Fannie also had something to do with it, which made matters seem even worse.

"It doesn't matter? Perhaps we can put it all aside, but what about your father? I don't think that he will ever be able to get over it. He doesn't seem like he could just forget about things like this."Rachel said, placing her hand on her belly. "Oh no. What will he think of my baby? Will he refuse to accept his own grandchild?"

"Excuse me? What are you talking about?" Hiram asked as he heard Rachel's words, raising his eyebrows in shock.

Rachel lowered her head and replied,"I said what about our baby. Will he refuse to see it after it is born?"

Hiram took a second to gather exactly what she was implying. His dark-colored eyes suddenly became brighter as he came to terms with what she just said. He quickly grabbed her by the shoulders, asking,"What are you talking about? Tell me again, and please be clear this time!"

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