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   Chapter 231 A Short Video

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"Yes! Good idea! I'm going to buy it right now." In that same moment Fannie stood up, ready to go.

Rachel stared at her in shock, and Hiram couldn't help but laugh. "Mom, relax! We'll buy it after dinner," he said.

Carl started laughing too. He picked up a piece of steak for Fannie and said,"Aunt Fannie, we'll inform you immediately if there's any good news."

After leaving the restaurant, Fannie said that she wanted to take a walk and didn't want to go with them. Hiram arranged with Carl to take her home before they left for the pharmacy. Considering that Emma was at Fannie's home and they could take care of each other, Rachel wasn't worried too much about her either.

After saying goodbye to them, Rachel walked with Hiram along the road to look for a pharmacy.

She, however, had been too embarrassed to enter any of them while passing by two pharmacies. Finally, they stopped in front of the third pharmacy.

Looking at Rachel, who was still caught up in a glimpse of hesitation, Hiram said with a smile,"Wait here. I'll go in and buy it."


Embarrassed, Rachel lowered her head as she watched Hiram stride towards the pharmacy. 'How could she ask a man to buy such things!'

Hiram picked two pregnancy test sticks, after walking around in the pharmacy, and then made his way to the check-out counter.

The cashier girl stared at him without even blinking her eyes. She took out some money from the drawer and gave it to him as change, not noticing what he had bought.

Hiram shook his head and put the extra change on the desk, and the pregnancy test sticks into his trouser pocket before leaving the pharmacy.

The god-like handsome man came down from the steps calmly as he walked towards Rachel.

"Let's go. Carl has parked the car at the intersection." Hiram said and walked with her towards the intersection, placing one of his hands on her shoulder.

Rachel wrapped his waist with her arm and asked,"Have you bought it?"

"Of course, otherwise, what do you think I was doing in the pharmacy?" Hiram said with a questioning expression.

After returning to Tulip Palace, R

er sent this kind of video to me. I don't know what's wrong with her today."

'Why did she send me such a video? Maybe she's longing for a man?' Rachel thought.

She lowered her head and avoided his eyes. Although they had been together for a long time, they hadn't seen such videos together before.

Unlike most other men, Hiram had no interest in having intimate relationships with multiple women. Except for the intimate acts every night with Rachel, he never looked for another woman for sex.

As a result, he seldom watched such videos.

He wasn't pretending to be like a sage. In fact, he was a self-restrained individual without having too many desires.

Hiram took Rachel's cellphone from her hands and glanced at the video. Luke and Daniel had often asked him to watch such videos with them before, but he had no interest in them at all.

Both of them had been caught up in sexual desires and couldn't wait to find a woman after watching the videos each time.

On the contrary, Hiram didn't react that much. It couldn't even arouse any of his desire, to be honest.

Rachel sneaked a glance of him, trying to see whether he had a reaction to the video. She scratched him on the chest and asked,"What's your feeling?"

Hiram glanced at her and deleted the video, then placed her cellphone on the bedside table.

"Haven't I told you that you are the only woman I am interested in?" he said.

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