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   Chapter 230 Fannie Private Home Cuisine

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Time was flying.

A month had passed and

Rachel's studio had already opened.

At first, although there were just several customers, some work still needed to be done though not too much.

The work in the studio was mostly done by Celine. Her part did not require much of Rachel's time, so Rachel didn't need to go to the company on time every day. But in spite of being free, Rachel had a habit of keeping herself busy.

It was a different day as after completing work at the studio, she went down the old street which was not far away from her studio.

She walked down the alley of the old street. There were many business areas across the road of the street and the third one on Rachel's path was a small restaurant called Fannie Private Home Cuisine.

The restaurant was not big but it had lots of clients in its premises. With only eight desks around, it was a busy location due to regular incoming of the clients.

Rachel went inside the restaurant. It was still full. She kept her bag in the cabinet and moved across the room towards the kitchen. She wanted to be of service in the restaurant.

On seeing Rachel, Fannie seemed annoyed. She did not want to have Rachel around. So from a distance she waved at Rachel and wanted her to leave. On waving she expressively asked Rachel,"Why did you come again?" Fannie had already asked Rachel not to visit her before since she did not belong here and was too nosy for the restaurant environment. Since the premises was small she had made clear that four people were enough including waiters, so obviously she didn't need to come.

Rachel had only rolled over her sleeves and had still not started working. But the roar from Fannie made it obvious that she did not want her around and was very rude towards her.

Rachel could not take more of this behavior. She asked her mom with sadness filled in her voice,"My god, how can you blame your own daughter in this way! You are really becoming more and more difficult to cope with."

Her agony made Rachel respond in an impolite way.

"Ah!", Fannie could not hold back her rage. Furiously she responded,"You, elf, how can you say to your mother in this way! You are really becoming more and more naughty!" Fannie believed that keeping quiet would surmise her weakness and she was not willing to show weakness. Fannie was vociferous towards Rachel but, for Rachel it was a matter of no concern as she was helping wash vegetables.

Rachel stuck her tongue out at Fannie to show her disapproval and said,"I had asked you to rest at home, but you didn't listen to me. It doesn't matter if you have a bad restaurant business, but now it is so good and you don't even have time to sit down. You deserve it."

"I like that!"

Fannie looked towards customers outside with a smile on her face when said so, she was happy and her inner soul approved of it,"It proves that my cooking skill has obtained everybody's approval!"

All of a sudden her anger was gone and she turned towards Rachel, asking,"Rachel, should we focus on expanding what we a

arl said sweetly,"Since I ate the food you cooked once, I even feel all other food doesn't taste good!" His voice was pretty convincing to listen to.

"Ha ha, sweet of you, Carl. In this case, this time eat more..." Fannie said with laugh and went inside to bring a dish out.

When the dishes were ready, all the four people sat down and began to eat.

Rachel sniffed the aroma, picking a piece of meat to eat, but she couldn't even take a bite. She suddenly felt like retching.

"What's the matter?" Hiram, who sat beside her, noticed this and passed a cup of water to her.

Rachel shook her head. "Nothing. I've just been in the kitchen for a long time."

She did not care about it so much and continued to eat.

However, Fannie found something wrong and looked at Rachel. "Rachel, Is this the first time you've felt this way, or have you felt it often lately?"

Rachel drank a mouthful of soup and thought for a moment and answered,"it should be the first time. I didn't feel it before."

Then she thought Fannie might be too nervous and hence burst out laughing,"Mom, do you think I'm pregnant. Are you so eager to have your grandchildren?"

Her period was sometimes delayed for a few days, and it had happened once last month, so she was used to it this time.

"You, darling, should be careful. You come along with me to the hospital and have a check-up tomorrow morning!" Fannie said, still not at ease. and the same could be adjudged from her impatient voice

Rachel shook her head immediately. "No, I have to work in the studio tomorrow morning."

Just after saying that, Hiram held her hands and looked at Fannie. "Mom, don't worry. I will accompany her to the hospital tomorrow."

"Okay. There is nothing wrong to be careful, whether you are pregnant or not. Rachel, you are so careless. A pregnant woman needs to be very careful." Fannie said again.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Mom, listen to what you say. It's not a big deal. I will go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test stick. Is it Okay now?"

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