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   Chapter 229 She Was Crazy

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Amy came to help Rachel, and said to Gavin," Sir, you can't blame Rachel. Shirley pushed Rachel first, and Rachel just got anxious in the midst of the situation, so she tried to grab Shirley by the arm out of instinct…"

Compared to Shirley, Amy liked Rachel more as she always appeared to be kind. Rachel didn't treat Amy as her servant whatsoever. Instead, Rachel had helped her with cooking and spent a lot of time chatting with Amy.

However, Shirley seemed very vain and bossy. Within the past two days, she asked Amy to support her, but she never appeared either kind or grateful towards her.

"Stop it, Amy. Dad, you can blame me for it. It's fine. I understand. Anyway, you have always been blaming me. Isn't that true?" Rachel smiled coldly.

Gavin seemed to be too angry to say a word to Rachel. The doctor came out from the operating room. Gavin turned around and asked the doctor," How is she doing? How's the baby?"

The doctor took off his mask and said with regret," Unfortunately, she miscarried. We did everything we could to save the baby, but it was too late. Now, for her recovery, she needs to be taken care of during the next few days."

Gavin shook his head and let out a big sigh for all the room to hear. Then he left the room, without the intent to come back.

Joanna shook her head and followed Gavin. They left the hospital together.

"That's fine, doctor. Thank you for saving her. Now, we can just let it go, right?" said Hiram. Everything seemed ridiculous to begin with and now everything had the chance of returning back to normal.

During the past two days, everything was in a mess. Everyone was busy taking care of Shirley. Joanna, especially took good care of Shirley, as she knew how Shirley must have felt.

After Gavin and Joanna left, Hiram walked towards Rachel. He smiled and touched her hair softly. "Rachel, you did a good job today. I'll always appreciate you! You know that, right?"

Rachel took a breath, along with a big sigh of relief. She grabbed Hiram's arms and smiled. "I'm hungry. Would you take me out and share a meal with me?"

"Sure, after all, you're addicted to food. So, let's go." said Hiram. He looked at Rachel with his loving and soft eyes, held her hands and walked towards the door of the hospital.

In the ward, Shirley was staring at the ceiling, and didn't even try to move. Her eyes were dull and sore from the medication the doctor had prescribed her. Her two hands were holding the white quilt that was meant for her new baby, tightly.

A few minutes later, Miranda walked into the ward. She also brought some strong tonics for Shirley.

"Shirley, how are you doing?"

When she saw Miranda, Shirley started to cry out loud. She grabbed Miranda's hands and said,"

ched its midnight. Let's go to sleep now."

Rachel acknowledged that Shirley got what she deserved. She didn't have to feel sorry for Shirley, nor feel guilty.

Actually, Rachel wasn't even going to grasp Shirley when she fell from the stairs. If Shirley had been more generous towards Rachel, and let Rachel help her walk up the stairs, she wouldn't have wanted to grasp her.

It had been impossible for Rachel to push Shirley in front of so many people. It would have seemed as though Rachel was crazy.

If there hadn't been such opportunity to do so, there wouldn't be a possibility for Rachel to make it after falling down the stairs.

"What are you thinking about? Come here. I want to hold you while you sleep." Hiram said lovingly, as Rachel lay on the bed, with her back faced towards him.

Rachel moved back to meet him in the middle of the bed. She finally reached his arms. Hiram sighed before placing his arms around hers. He continued to say," Rachel, see? I thought you said you didn't care about her or feel guilty at all. You lied. Am I right?"

Lying in bed, Rachel remained silent. She rested her head on Hiram's arms, which in that moment, seemed like the safest place in the world.

She realized that she was constantly seeking some sort of excuses. She had a very good heart that led her to feel guilty and sorry for Shirley's loss.

"That child wasn't supposed to come into this world, not even at the beginning. Even if we had done nothing about it, it would still be a mystery whether it would be born or not."

Hiram held Rachel and said softly," Alright, Rachel, don't be upset about this right now. After all, it was an accident."

Rachel didn't say a word after he said that. She closed her eyes and lay in Hiram's arms.

She finally fell asleep after tossing and turning the entire night.

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