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   Chapter 228 Shirley Had A Miscarriage

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Shirley had intended to upset Rachel at the dining table. By the use of her pregnancy, she already tried hard enough to capture Hiram's undivided attention. However, Hiram's attention was entirely set on Rachel. It infuriated Shirley. Taking just one look at Rachel, she quickly turned her back towards her and went to her room after dinner.

However, in the attempt to feel better, she couldn't even find peace in her room either. Since Hiram's room was adjacent to hers, she felt even more irritated and upset. The mere thought of Rachel living together with him in the next room, made her feel truly uncomfortable.

Although the room was soundproof, Shirley thought she could hear Rachel and Hiram talking and laughing outrageously. She felt very jealous, so much so that she felt like she was about to lose her mind. Exiting her room, she knocked on Hiram's door.

After waiting for a response, the door opened, and Hiram appeared. "What's wrong, Shirley?" he asked, standing at the door.

"Hiram, I don't know what it is, but I feel uncomfortable. Can you please accompany me for a walk around the garden?" Shirley said in a faint and weak voice, without any confidence at all.

Thinking of Shirley's question, Hiram called out," Rachel, Shirley invited us to go for a walk with her. Do you want to go?"

"Okay, I'm coming," replied Rachel as she took a brisk walk towards the door. "Shirley, are you sure you want to walk around? I think you had better stay in bed and get some rest. Are you sure you're able to walk now? You shouldn't stay out too long. That won't be good for my baby."

Shirley felt extremely angry to hear Rachel refer to the baby as hers, but she had to control herself in front of Hiram. "It doesn't matter, Rachel. I feel fine. Going for a walk won't hurt me, nor the baby," replied Shirley.

"Well, okay then, if you insist. Just wait a minute, please. I'm just going to change my shoes," Rachel said to Hiram, smiling.

Once Rachel returned with her shoes, she took Hiram by the hand, and they proceeded to walk together towards the stairs.

Suddenly, Shirley felt bouts of pain in her stomach, as Hiram and Rachel continued to walk in front of her. "Hiram... My, my stomach... It hurts. Please help me!" cried Shirley as she lowered her body to the ground and held her stomach with both hands.

The couple stopped subtly. Hiram looked at Rachel with a serious expression on his face and shook his head. Rachel couldn't help but force a smile as Hiram walked towards Shirley. She didn't want to seem rude. Hiram approached Shirley," What's wrong now? Do you need me to call the doctor?" asked Hiram, who was just standing aside without offering her a hand.

Taking Hiram's arm voluntarily, Shirley said," No need to call a doctor. I know what's wrong. I've had an upset stomach on and off, during the past two days. Don't worry a

to the staircase.

"Shirley, are you okay? How are you feeling? How's the baby?" asked Joanna as she ran towards Shirley in a panic.

When Hiram saw what had happened, he immediately ran towards Rachel, picked her up, and carried her to the couch. "Honey, did you get hurt?" Hiram asked as he checked her body for bruises.

Rachel shook her head and said," No, I'm fine. You must check on Shirley."

Hiram glanced at Rachel with relief and then walked towards Shirley, who was still lying on the ground.

"Shirley... Shirley... Are you all right? Say something please." Joanna kept calling Shirley, whose face suddenly turned pale in the midst of feeling too much pain. She then noticed a stream of blood flowing down between Shirley's legs.

"Oh no! Shirley, you, you..."

Hiram looked at the blood, without an expression on his face. "What happened? How did they fall down the stairs?" Hiram asked, turning to Amy who seemed to be the only witness stable enough to explain what happened.

Amy lowered her head in sadness, and said in an anxious tone," Mr. Hiram, Rachel tried to help Shirley, but she didn't want to accept her help. She... Shirley pushed Rachel... And then they fell down the stairs together."

Seeing Shirley lie in a puddle of blood, Joanna remained silent. She knew that Shirley had miscarried and that the baby must have died.

In a rushed manner, Hiram called the doctor.

Well acquainted with the Rong family, the ambulance came quickly, and Shirley was sent to the hospital.

Gavin who was in the study room at the time of the event, finally received the information, as the ambulance came to take Shirley to the hospital.

After the family learned about what had happened, they drove to the hospital.

"Rachel, what did you do to Shirley? She couldn't have fallen down the stairs by herself." Gavin said angrily, staring at Rachel with a heartless look on his face.

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