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   Chapter 227 Display Of Affection

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"Do you feel better now?" Hiram asked, as he scooped up a spoon of soup and brought it closer to Shirley's lips.

Overwhelmed, Shirley surpassed the notion of opening her mouth, and instead, stared at him in an absent-minded manner.

"Yes, thank you. I feel much better! Apparently, women tend to feel sick during the first trimester of pregnancy. After that, however, it will get better," Shirley replied, after she opened her mouth to swallow the soup.

Hiram scooped out another spoon slowly and said," Here you go. Thank you for doing this for me."

Gazing at his enchanting eyes, Shirley felt extremely proud that she was carrying Hiram's baby.

"No! I am the one that should be thankful. You know, I'm very lucky to bear your baby," murmured Shirley.

As Shirley enjoyed a sweet moment with Hiram, they suddenly noticed a noise at the door.

"What are you doing, Hiram?" Rachel exclaimed.

Standing at the door, Rachel displayed a faded look towards Hiram feeding Shirley. Heartbroken, she bit her lip forcefully.

"Can't you see what I'm up to now? I don't hide anything from you. It's my baby, and it's innocent. Even if Shirley wasn't suppose to do this, we can't change the truth here. Taking care of the mother of my baby is the right thing to do." Hiram said.

Instead of looking at Rachel, he continued to feed Shirley soup.

On the other hand, Shirley felt like her dream came true and she couldn't help but grab his hand. "Thank you, Hiram. Thank you for supporting me. I promise to do everything I can to make sure the baby gets delivered safe and sound."

"Don't become too excited. As long as you give birth to our baby, I won't kick you out of my life. I promise. After all, you're his mother," Hiram said. He glanced at Shirley's hands, which were placed firmly on his, as he tried very hard not to show his true feelings.

"Hiram, darling, you know what you're talking about, right?" Rachel shouted.

Hurt and furious, she rushed over to them and knocked the soup bowl out of his hand, which fell on the ground. Staring at her husband, she continued with distraught," I never expected you to say that. If Shirley stays with you after she gives birth to the baby, then what about me? Are you planning on divorcing me?"

"Of course not! You don't understand, honey. You're my wife now and forever. This baby is a bastard, and no other baby will take the place of our baby. The baby you give birth to in the future will be the one and only rightful heir of our family. There's no need to worry!" Hiram replied.

He stood up and walked over to Rachel, grabbing hold of her hands in the attempt to comfort her.

Rachel glanced at Shirley who was subtly lying on the bed. Her anger didn't dimi

mined her question, Shirley reverted her eyes subconsciously, lacking in self-confidence.

"Okay, I'll ask the housekeeper to buy them for you," Hiram answered swiftly.

Biting her chopsticks, Rachel laid her eyes on this woman, who was so arrogant, and sneered before shifting her focus back to her dinner.

Shirley let out a sigh of relief upon Hiram's reply, and then looked back at Rachel before picking up her chopsticks to eat.

"The crabs seem great, Hiram! However, it sure does require a lot of trouble to eat it." Rachel said to Hiram as she stared at the big delicious crabs on the table. She wanted to taste it, but was not prepared to endure the trouble.

Hiram took a crab in his hands and started opening it for Rachel. He placed the crab on her plate, one piece after the other, leaving the shells in his plate.

"You're so sweet, honey!" Rachel laughed contently, but she put her plate in front of Joanna, instead of taking it, and said," Mom, please enjoy! You shall taste it first."

Joanna looked at Rachel with a smile, and thought her daughter-in-law was as sweet as ever. "Okay, thank you, Rachel. Hiram, please do me a favor and open another one for your dear wife!"

Hiram had already taken another crab in his hands before his mother asked.

Seeing that they talked to each other cheerfully, Shirley couldn't do anything but watch them eat, for pregnant women were not allowed to eat crabs, as they might harm the baby.

Busy with her crab, Rachel didn't forget to exclaim," It's getting late, Hiram. How about we stay here tonight? I've got so many things to catch up with mom."

"It's up to you. You're the boss!" Hiram said as he carefully placed a portion of stemmed eggplant, infused with minced garlic, on Rachel's plate, which had always been one of her favorite dishes.

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