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   Chapter 226 Intense Love Making In The Swimming Pool

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'Hiram has come back?

He has been busy with work these past few days. Why did he come home so early today?' Rachel thought.

When she arrived at the Tulip Palace, Hiram was swimming in the indoor swimming pool on the top floor.

When she walked in, Rachel saw Hiram moving himself through the water with his long and strong arms and legs in the oval-shaped swimming pool. Holding a glass of fresh orange juice, she sat at the edge of the pool and soaked her bare feet in the water.

It was said that swimming was a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Feeling supported by the water could help a person relax completely.

At that moment, Hiram saw Rachel sitting by the edge of the swimming pool after finishing a lap. He swam to her and approached her feet. "Come down and swim with me for a while..." he asked.

Rachel shook her head, took a sip of the orange juice she had and said," I can't swim. If I come down, I'll need a lifesaver. So I'd better not."

The pool was pretty deep, so she felt a little scared.

Hiram wiped the water from his face and smiled. He tickled the sole of her feet and said," Will you come down now?"

Rachel tried quickly to move back her feet but failed as Hiram tightly held her. She had to plead with resignation," Yes, yes. I'll come down! I'll come down right now! Just let go of my feet!"

She heaved a sigh, put down that glass of orange juice and took off her white t-shirt. She didn't need to wear a bathing suit because she was in her own home.

As soon as she took off her clothes, she saw Hiram eyeing her up. "Don't just look at me. Hold me tight."

She slowly lowered herself down to the water. Hiram stood at the bottom of the swimming pool, held her waist and couldn't help smiling. "Take it easy. The water was replaced this morning. It's clean, so if you drink some, you'll be okay."

Feeling that Hiram suddenly moved his hands away, Rachel screamed and wrapped her arms around his neck quickly!

Hiram gasped and lowered his eyes. His dark eyes narrowed suddenly. "Relax. If you hold me that tight, how can I teach you to swim?"

Hearing his words, Rachel loosened her hold and looked at him. "I'm scared..." Her lips pouted.

As she spoke, she still didn't want to let go of him. The water was deep. When Hiram stood at the bottom of the swimming pool, the water reached Hiram's chest. But when Rachel stood at the bottom of the pool, the water was up to her neck. It was no wonder that Rachel was scared.

"Well, you need to get used to standing in the water first. Did you come to the office today?" As he spoke, Hiram h

till felt uncomfortable.

She felt very uncomfortable.

"Hiram, you've come back? Rachel... Rachel, you've come back too?" When Joanna first saw Hiram, she was happy. However, upon seeing Rachel, she had to smile embarrassingly.

It didn't mean that Joanna didn't welcome Rachel to the house. But the situation was very awkward because Shirley was there too.

"Mom!" Rachel greeted Joanna politely.

"Alas. Rachel, come! Sit down over here! Would you like something to drink or eat? I'll let the servant cook for you!" said Joanna with an unnatural smile. She knew that Rachel must have heard what she just ordered Amy before.

Rachel shook her head and said," No, thank you. I can help myself. Don't let me keep you from what you were doing."

At that time, Hiram approached Joanna and greeted her. He then proceeded upstairs directly.

Shirley was in a guest room. As soon as Gavin walked out of her room, he saw Hiram who was walking toward his direction.

"You've come back? Go into the room and visit Shirley. She just had pregnancy reactions and can't eat anything. For my sake, say something to comfort her," Gavin requested.

If he hadn't asked Hiram to come back, he thought he would never come to this place again voluntarily.

Hiram nodded and walked in the guest room where many servants came and went frequently.

Shirley had just stopped vomiting. Now she was lying on the bed and a servant was feeding soup to her. When the servant saw Hiram walk in, she left the room right away.

Hiram glimpsed her abdomen which was still flat and looked at the soup which hadn't been eaten up on the table.

"Hiram... You've come back?" Shirley looked at Hiram weakly, putting a sweet smile on her pale face.

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