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   Chapter 225 Husband Backups

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"Don't count me in for the final part of the design. I'm planning to get a good rest. Sorry to let you down..."

Daniel knew that she must feel guilty. He looked at her and tried to comfort her," What are you talking about? You have already exceeded my expectation by completing this part of the project.

As a matter of fact, I'm disappointed with myself. I can't do anything for you while you're in such difficulties!"

Rachel smiled and said," Come on! Don't say that. Even I can't find a solution."

Daniel shook his head, tapping lightly on her drawings with his fingers. "Rachel, I have an idea, but I'm not sure you would like to try it," he said.

"Really? Go ahead!" Rachel exclaimed. Looking at him, she held up the cup and took a sip of coffee.

Daniel smiled and said," A sophisticated woman might be disagreeable sometimes, but you can't survive in a wealthy family like the Rongs if you're too innocent.

You should find a way to meet with Shirley and get rid of the baby. You don't need to do it yourself, but think of a way to convince her to do it herself.

You could get hurt too by making such a risky move, but it's worth a try if it can really help you to get the baby out of the equation."

Rachel thought about it for a moment and suddenly broke into laughter. "Daniel, if you lived in an ancient imperial palace, you would defeat all the others and climb to the highest position."

"Haha! Thank you! Although I'm not old, I've been struggling in this society for years." Daniel laughed and then took a bite of the egg tart Rachel brought to him. "Do it as soon as possible.

The embryo hasn't taken shape yet during the first three months after conception and most spontaneous abortions occur during this period. Don't miss that opportunity, or it may be too late."

Rachel looked at him, propping her cheek with her hand. She shook her head and said," Thank you! Please review my design carefully and call me after that."

After coming out from Daniel's office, Rachel waved goodbye to Penny and Millay, and then stepped out of the Streams Company building.

Since Hiram had taken a few days off before going back to work two days ago, there must be a lot of work waiting for him and

he must be in his office at the moment, but being afraid of disturb

're such a coward! Why did you call just now?"

Fannie was angry with Rachel for hiding the news from her for the past few days. She wouldn't have known that her daughter was almost replaced by another woman if she hadn't overheard the news from other people.


"Tell me where to find this shameless woman! I'll make sure she has an abortion even if it means taking her down to the hell with me!You really pissed me off!"

Fannie gasped.

"Mom, calm down. We still have opportunities. She's only been pregnant for a month. Who knows whether the baby will be born or not?" Rachel said. She overheard that Shirley was resting to prevent miscarriage. Compared with normal pregnancies, test-tube babies were more likely to lose, so it was no wonder that Shirley was doing all she could to keep it.

"Rachel, you're too careless. What if she gives birth to the baby? Since she conceived through external fertilization, the baby must be a boy. You would be edged out from Rong family if he's born," Fannie said anxiously.

Rachel sighed," Mom, take it easy! Carl is picking me up. I'll talk with you later. Bye-bye!"

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief after hanging up. Fannie was a woman of honor. Although they were poor, she wouldn't allow them to be looked down upon by other people. Rachel knew that she had let her mom down this time.

"Carl, let's go back to Tulip Palace," she said after getting in the car.

Carl smiled at her and said," Rachel, Hiram has come back and is waiting for you at home now."

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