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   Chapter 224 I’ll Stay With You Forever

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Seeing Hiram's reaction, Rachel held his hand and said," Don't worry, honey! I'm going back home now!

I'm going nowhere and I'll stay with you until the end. Trust me!"

She had made up her mind that, no matter what, she wouldn't leave Hiram as long as there was love between them.

Unless he broke her heart again and again, she would always feel the same way about him.

"Okay, listen, I'm already tired and I'll go home now. If everything is good here, please come home as soon as possible." Rachel said and turned around. She knew she didn't have to say goodbye to Gavin, who might not even want to see her.

Before she could take a few steps, Hiram rushed to her and wrapped her in his arms.

He murmured in her ears, and his voice was grating over so many troubles," Honey, you're the one betrothed to me by my great-grandfather and our elders, so I believe we'll be together happily until the end of our lives. Our great-grandfathers will always bless us in the heaven.

I, Hiram Rong, only take you as my wife for my entire life, my next life, and the life after the next! Maybe my father thinks you're not good enough for me, but you are perfect in my eyes and my heart!"

Rachel was bursting into tears again. She took a deep breath to hold it back. She touched his face which was resting on her shoulder and said," Yes, I know. It'll be long way ahead, and I'm ready to accompany you to the end."

Hiram slowly let her go and watched her head to the exit, where Chad was waiting for her.

Rachel grabbed something to eat and went to bed right after she returned to Tulip Palace.

The following three days, she stayed at home. Hiram sent two other servants to take care of her daily needs. It seemed nothing was unusual. She spent most of her time drawing designs and once in a while went out for a walk when she felt bored.

One afternoon, Rachel collected all her drawings and put them in a bag before she went out to Carl's car.

After she got in the car and they set out, she asked," Carl, how is your Uncle Gavin doing these two days? Does he feel better?"

"Much better! Uncle Gavin has always been in good health and the other day was just an accident, not a big deal. Don't worry, Rachel."Carl replied as he drove the car steadily. He glanced at Rachel from the rear view mirror to make sure she was okay.

Everyone in the Rong Family

front of you safe and sound."

"You know what I'm talking about. Rachel, you're living such a soul-stirring life even before Hiram and you have time to throw a wedding. I think you should reconsider it. How about marrying me?"

He said half-jokingly.

Watching her suffer from one problem after another, Daniel felt she was lucky enough, but this time, it was different. It was not a rumor, but a real baby. How could she deal with it? He worried that Rachel couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop joking with me! If marrying you can solve all my problems, I will.But look at you, I don't think you can do any better with your charming appearance. I believe I won't find a place to cry when your girlfriends come to me one by one!" Rachel mocked Daniel. She put the tart in her mouth and pulled a tissue to wipe off the crumbs.

She then took out the design drawings from her bag and placed them on his desk.

"These are all the drawings and I've completed my part. Please take a look and if there's anything wrong, please let me know," Rachel said.

Looking at the stack of drawings, Daniel was shocked and exclaimed," What the fuck! You really surprise me! I can't believe it! Even after all that has happened, you are still in the mood to work?"

Flipping through the drawings casually, he kept nodding and said," Great! I believe you've done a good job. I'll go through these carefully later. But why did you complete your part ahead of time?"

Rachel knew she couldn't escape, and said with her eyes looking down on the ground," Did you sign my letter of resignation?"

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