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   Chapter 222 Shirley Appeared

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After hanging up the phone, Hiram put his hands back on the bed and bent over to block Rachel, who was preparing to escape. "Where are you planning to go?" he asked.

Rachel sighed. "Don't you need to go to work? Is it still early?"

"No, I don't need to. For me, nothing is more important than you!" Hiram smiled lazily and looked at her, pulling her into his arms, quilt and all.

For the next few days without fail, Hiram spent all his time with Rachel.

They ate together, read in the study together in the mornings, watched movies together and took strolls in the garden. But most of the time, they just stayed together in a peaceful silence.

It gave Rachel comfort and made her happy in a way she had never been before.

But the happiness came with a tinge of guilt, because Hiram had canceled his all work plans to stay here with her like this.

One afternoon, Hiram was taking a nap while Rachel, who couldn't fall asleep, was curled up in his arms and playing a game on his cell phone. Suddenly, his phone rang.

Rachel quickly pressed the mute button and looked at the sleeping Hiram. She took the phone and strode to the balcony to answer it.

"Hiram, come home soon! We have a problem!" Joanna said anxiously.

"Mom, what happened?" Rachel asked, her heartbeat quickening. What on earth had happened?

"Rachel? Ah, I don't know how to say this. Shirley, Shirley said she's pregnant!" Glancing at Miranda and Shirley in the living room, Joanna tried to lower her voice.

Rachel, beginning to feel faint, asked," Mom, what did you say? No, that can't be true!"

"Rachel, I don't know what happened either. Shirley is holding the result of a blood test now. I asked the gynecologist too and she said it's possible, considering the modern medical technology. Ask Hiram to be back soon!"

Hiram's cell phone fell to the ground, and Rachel felt the world around her disappear

was born, it would live a life of shame.

Rachel calmly watched the scene as it played out. She had no right to speak.

At this moment, she thought that Shirley was more crafty than Lydia.

Before, she'd thought that Shirley was only good at talking and lying. But now, she realized that when it rained, it poured.

"Hello, Hardy, help me arrange a surgical abortion in half an hour. I'm coming to your hospital right now!" Hiram said on the phone, and turned to Rachel. "Rachel, you should go back home first. I'll return after seeing to this."

Just then, a heavy voice suddenly sounded in the doorway!


Hiram, you still don't have a child. It's not easy to have one, why do you want to abort it?"

Gavin had just returned from the United States. He had hurried back after hearing the news last night.

"No matter how the child came to be, as long as the pure blood of our family runs in its veins, you can't be so cruel as to abort it!"

Gavin said, walking in.

When Shirley saw Gavin, she was relieved. It had been a risky move, but she had sent someone to inform Gavin of the situation yesterday. And now, he was really back here.

She glanced at Rachel's shocked expression and the corners of her mouth turned up into a smug smile.

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