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   Chapter 220 Let Me Fulfill Your Wish

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Shirley pursed her lips and said disapprovingly," Lydia, I don't think so. After all, you were raised by the Rong family and Hiram thinks of you as his younger sister, so it's normal that he doesn't feel that way for you. But I'm not like you. We..."

Lydia cut her off and said," Shirley, it seems I underestimated you! You have always hoped that the one who would marry Hiram is you, not me! You came to me only because you wanted an opportunity to approach him. Am I right?"

It was then that Lydia realized that Shirley had only maintained such a good friendship with her to get close to Hiram.

"Lydia, I don't understand what you're talking about! I did want to help you, but I didn't expect such a thing to happen," Shirley said innocently, but anger flashed in her eyes.

Before she could continue, Lydia hung up.

Sneering, Shirley stuffed her cell phone into her bag and walked towards the intersection.

She had dated Jasper for a year. In order to obtain his trust, she had spent a lot of time eating, hanging out and sleeping with him. Now, the time had finally come to take advantage of him.

If you really wanted something, you had to put all your effort into it, or you'd end up as a loser who had to watch others showing off their victory before you.

'Lydia, since you can't come back from the U.S., let me fulfill your wish!' Shirley said to herself.


Rachel had been staying at Celine's house for a couple of days.

Celine had quit her job just a few days before that, and she was planning to start working again after enjoying a whole month of holiday.

"Don't cry, Rachel! Tell me what happened! You've already been silent for a few days. Can't you share it with me now?"

she asked, sighing. She was a little worried about Rachel, who had kept alternating between crying and staring blankly at the wall for the past few days.

"Hurt by love? But you just had your wedding photos taken!

Oh, I see! You must have quarreled with your parents-in-law! Am I right?"

Celine scratched her head. No matter what she guessed, she couldn't figure out what

re?' she thought.

It was the sperm bank of a private hospital. There was a black Benz car parked there that she recognized as the one Hiram drove out occasionally.

Obviously, Celine was also surprised. Regardless, she dragged Rachel towards the hospital.

Chad was waiting at the door. When he saw them coming over, he said," Rachel, come on in."

At a glance from Chad, Celine tried to let go of Rachel's hand so that she could wait outside for her, but Rachel didn't let her go. "If you don't come with me, I'm not going inside."

Hearing this, Chad had to let both of them in.

Unbeknownst to them, a man was watching them from the hospital window. He suddenly turned and walked into a room.

"Jasper! You should know how serious this is! 'We lost it' isn't an excuse that we can give them!" Mr. Qin, the director of the hospital, was asking Jasper about the disappearance of the sperm. The sperm bank was usually tightly guarded and such disappearances were rare.

But now, the sperm of the most important person had disappeared all of a sudden.

"Sorry, Mr. Qin! I should be blamed for my negligence..."

But before Jasper could continue, Hiram came in and grabbed his white collar. He stared at him coldly and shouted," Stop talking nonsense! Since my sperm was lost because of your negligence, why was it found in a woman's body?

Don't lie to my face! Chad, come in!"

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