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   Chapter 218 The Test Result

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"Oh, that's okay. But won't it be too tiring for you to cook? Because you know, you have to keep walking around while cooking. How about you wait for another two months?" Rachel asked, walking to her mom and taking a seat beside her.

"I'd rather not. I can't wait to do this. And don't worry, I'm going to hire two servers to help me. I'm not expecting a lot of money from this. I'd be happy with earning enough to just get by." Fannie looked at her cell phone again after speaking.

Hearing that made Rachel feel both surprised and sorry. She furrowed her eyebrows and chided her mother. "Mom, why didn't you tell me that you've already spent all the money that I gave you?"

"Because I haven't, dear. The money you gave me is more than enough. I can spend it for several years without any trouble. But it's just that, you know, I used to work. Now, I've to sit idle all day, and I can't bear it. The boredom is killing me. I know that Hiram can give me money any time I need it. But money isn't the reason I want to do this. I just want to have something to do so I won't feel bored and useless," Fannie explained with a smile, holding Rachel's hand.

"I know it's impossible for me to go back to my previous work. Although my leg has almost recovered, it's not as flexible as before. That's why I came up with this idea. If you don't let me do it, I'll sit around all day feeling bad, and I won't be happy.

How about this, dear? I promise that when you get pregnant, I'll stop working and concentrate on looking after the baby for you."

Talk of pregnancy reminded Rachel about Hiram, and she became annoyed. "Okay then, you can do whatever you want to do," she said abruptly and went back to her room.

She was about to send Celine a message on her phone when she found a message from Hiram that she hadn't noticed before.

It was a message from Hiram said," Rachel, I'm sorry.

Hurting you is the last thing I want to do, but somehow I always end up doing it accidentally. I'm so sorry."

At the same time Rachel was reading the message, Hiram was staring anxiously at his quiet cell phone, waiting for a reply. He had gone to see Rachel as soon as he had returned to the company, only to find out from Daniel that she had asked for leave and handed in her resignation.

He had lived for thirty years and faced all kinds of difficulties, but nothing could compare to the one he was facing now. He felt utterly defeated.

It was almost like Rachel had been sent to him by God just to test him.

Two days later, Hiram received a call from the medical institute.

When he heard the result of Shirley's test, he exploded in an instant.

"What did you say? Can you please say it again?" he asked with gritted teeth.

"Mr. Rong, the result is out, and it turns out that the semen matches your DNA..."

But before the person on the other end could finish, Hiram was so angry that he smashed his mobile phone onto the ground. His eyes turned deep red.

How could things turn out like this?

would be.

Meanwhile, Hearst, the lucky single man, could have sex easily whenever he wanted without worrying about anything.

In the office, Hiram still had his eyes closed tightly as he tried to recall every detail from that night.

There had been a family reunion that night. Everyone on the cruise ship was a relative of the Rong family, so security was not high that night.

After Rachel had gone to bed, Hiram had been drinking and chatting with Chad and his father. A while later, he had excused himself to return to his room. Although he'd been drunk, he hadn't been so drunk that he couldn't even walk on his own. But now, he remembered accepting water from someone in the corridor when he was heading to his room.

"Hiram, here's a cup of water for you," a voice had said.

In his drunken state, he hadn't gotten a proper look at the person who had offered him the cup, but he knew that the voice had seemed familiar. Since it was a family reunion, that hadn't seemed odd to him. After all, everyone there was a Rong family member.

So he'd taken the cup and drained it before walking towards his room. However, after taking a few steps, he had felt too dizzy to balance himself.

"Let me help you to your room. You're so drunk that you might not be able to find it," the voice had said, leading him to another room.

And then...

Later that night, after the commotion in Hearst's room, Hiram had sent someone to carefully search that room, especially the bed, even though he knew that they wouldn't be able to find anything. Shirley had been well prepared.

However, the fact that they hadn't been able to find anything made him sure that nothing had happened that night. The room was so clean that he couldn't even find any stains on the bed.

As for that bloodstain, it did belong to Shirley. However, it was only a pure bloodstain, without any other components.

'But then, why does the thing inside her match my DNA? Is there something wrong with the test?' Hiram wondered.

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